Ideas for New Gunpowder Units

Given that this game’s timeframe continues into the 16th century, I feel like there is potential for more firearms. I was impressed with the selection of cannons in the game, and I think this variety could be extended to infantry for some civs. Some gunpowder units I think should be in this game include…

I think this unit would be good as of aesthetic change for certain civs, specifically the Chinese and Holy Roman Empire. Instead of using the handcannon the other civs use, these nations would use a matchlock arquebus to shoot at the enemy. Like the Lancer to the Knight, the arquebusier is functionally identical to the handcannonier…
Another option would be if the arquebus was a blacksmith tech certain civs could research in the Imperial Age. By researching the Arquebus tech, not only would your handcannoniers replace their handcannons with an arquebus, but they would also get an increase to their range.

This was a unit in both Age 2 and 3. However, i think it should work differently in Age 4. Instead of being a unit that blows itself up like previous games, the petard would be an infantry-built siege weapon similar to the battering ram. After building a petard you will need to have an infantry unit pick it up. While a unit is carrying the petard, they can no long attack other units, but they can be directed to plant the petard on a wall or building. When a unit plants the petard, they will light the fuse and attempt to escape the blast radius, thus turning back into a regular infantry unit.

Black Riders
I remember these guys from Age 3, I always thought they were the most stylish unit in the game. In Age 4 the Black Riders would be a unique ranged cavelry specifc to the Holy Roman Empire. The Black Rider is heavily armored like a knight but has a heavy ranged attack thanks to his wheellock pistol. Range is very short though (2 tiles?). The Black Rider would be the most expensive cavalry unit in the game to balance out his strengths.

Do you have any ideas for new gunpowder units for Age 4?

Good idea. But are the added weapons too advanced…

Blockquote Good idea. But are the added weapons too advanced…

According to my sources Europeans began to using matchlock firearms around 1475 while the ingame description for the Holy Roman Empire dates them as late as 1517. The HRE’s Hungarian neighbors were said to have fielded 1 in 5 of their soldiers with an arquebus before 1500.

Age of Empires 3 also mentions in its description of the Black Riders, that they first appeared in the 16th century. Other sources also mention that the Black Riders specifically fought for the Holy Roman Empire, in their earlier days.

Chinese horse rocker launchers with +500000 damage against buildings.

Counter: if you dont play game you wont lose

Wait we already have this unit, dont we?

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Arquebus is already in the game, but exclusive to strelets.

huh? where is that??? i play russia and i see no unit called Arquebus

Hot take: I’d rather have less gunpowder units, not more. There’s AoE 3 for that.

Give me more early medieval units. As it is right now, I feel like I’m racing out of Dark and Feudal because there’s absolutely no variety there and therefore nothing to do except age up.

Blockquote Arquebus is already in the game, but exclusive to strelets.

Blockquote huh? where is that??? i play russia and i see no unit called Arquebus

The Streltsy do indeed use an arquebus instead of a handcannon, and I think some other civs like the Holy Roman Empire should join them in this aspect.

The key difference between the streltsy and other Arquebusiers should be that the streltsy are a little cheaper, and also have their axe to melee with. Arquebusiers would only have their gun.

Maybe Black Riders you hace seen in AOE3 should be renamed to Reiters :joy::joy::joy:

That’s very astute of you.