Ideas for Non-TP Maps Balance

Spain and Germany rely on TP maps to be strong. I think these civs should have an alternative so they don’t have too big of a disadvantage on these maps.

Here are 2 ideas:

  1. Churches should be able to be constructed in Age 1.
  2. Increase church build limit to 3 from 1 for Spain and Germany.

Any thoughts on this?

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Port also doesn’t have sea in every map.


Church can already be built in age2.
Increasing limit to 3 would be broken.

I can see why Germany wants a TP, but Spain not so much. I suggest you start getting xp some other way, like killing enemies.

The TP is not just for that civilization, but it is also needed to punish the civilization that executes booming.

Therefore, TP must be included in the map for ranked match.

Booming civs should reduce booming speed. Not changing variety maps for those.

Ports don’t need water to be strong. Since Spain and Germany rely on their shipments and it’s part of their civ mechanic, it’s too big of a disadvantage to play in Non-TP maps. The difference is big. Water maps just make Ports really strong.

I meant Age 1.
How would it be broken? A church trickles XP at half the rate of a TP for 50% more wood. It’s not efficient to build a church instead of a TP. So 3 churches would be equivalent to 1.5 TPs.

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It would be easier and less game breaking to make that tp built in native settlements give you some amount of xp per minute, not as much xp as the tp in comercial rutes but some amount of xp would be able to solve that problem

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Podrian hacer un tipo de mejora.
Por ejemplo que pagues 150 de madera y aumente el goteo de experencia de (0,60 a 0,85) y aumente la resistencia de la iglesia para al menos dar una equivalencia a un puesto comercial.
porsupuesto que esto solo este disponible para estas civilizaciones

Pienso que si se permite crear mas iglesia seria algo que romperia ciertos equilibrios, piensa que las iglesia son mas baratas y se crean rapido, ademas que existe un tipo de rush que hacen los rusos con los monjes de la iglesia


1.5 TP that can be built in the back of your base, surrounded by 9 layers of walls. Broken.

Hahaha, and you would wall up 3 churches because they’re so valuable, costly, and can’t be rebuilt, right?

Shipments are the most valuable resource in the game, so yes, anything that grants them for free is valuable.

I think they tried that in an ESOC Patch and determined that it gave too much value to the Advanced Trade Post card in 1v1s.

I like the idea of ​​moving the church to the first age, I mean, the settlers one of the first things they did when they came to a new place, was to build a church. On the other hand, it would keep the drip of 0.6 exp / s and the construction limit at 1 (so that it is still viable to build a TP) and as they said above, it would allow the TPs in native villages to also have a similar exp drip in the church.
Perhaps a good alternative would be to provide Germany and Spain with a shipment that increases the exp of the churches and perhaps increases the construction limit, which would be historically good, because the first is the cradle of the Protestant reform, and the second is the defender of the faith of that time.


Yeah, that’s actually a better idea. A card that increases church XP trickle and/or increases the build limit. Personally, I like the build limit increase more because then I can build a forward church to train missionaries rather than deleting the church every time I have a new forward base.

I would add China to that list. They have zero options to get extra xp on non tp maps, at least Spain and Germany get the church. I agree that it should be able to be buffed for those civs as well as China that shares that trait with them.

Nha, China has good military shipments and the experience they need is from building and training soldiers. In my humble opinion, they don’t need any more buff, I don’t want another invincible Sweden.

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