Ideas for: The Northern Kingdom of the Sweeds

  • Intro/Expectations -
    The Age of Empires 3 game has won renown for its historical accuracies,

been considered to be promoted as an Educational Game,

has pedagogic layers within every civilisation and play-style.

Has successfully brought the ability to wage sampled pieces of historical wars under guidance of the player’s decisions and management.

Visial effects with wonderful background music tailors the Game Age of Empires into an amazing strategy and Kingdom building game. Worth a fresh gamer’s and collector’s warmhearted spot amongst games.
Disclaimer/my limits.
Myself, I have various education value within the fields of Management, Organisation and Economy. A simplistic understanding of binding programming lines together. Cognitively, I have made simple math-models and unit-type-based matchups from the original & Full versions.

I am a mediocre+ Age of Empires 3 player with further experience in tacts and kingdom building and experience with viewing some pro-game matchups.

If this was to be a pro-game idea-mix, I would need a couple hundred pages. I believe pro gamers are born from experience of the game and comprehension, tacts, reactivity and so on, rather than just details.

I hope these concepts would add, without unnecessarily complicate things on behalf of a player. The general and complicated details is for the programmers and visual designers to solve, I would leave such in their hands rather than create some warped fabrication that just bugs.

I have taken into account kingdom compositions, the use of churches and Sweden as a civilisation amongst European and some of the other civilisations. Units, economy, priorities, reason of partaking in conflicts in this era, constructions and organisation as a settlement of Sweden.

Warplay and micro and formations and historical data is also considered and melded into Age of Empires 3 comparable statistics.

Lordly and castellans considered.

History and truth is always the baseline before any adjustments for game-balance is considered.

As a Sweed I have had to compare swedish info with foreign info, to evade delusions. However. I am no international spy so my access is limited :slight_smile:

I hope this recreation of the Swedish Kingdom within this era will prove insightful, informative, creative, enjoyable, diverse and flexible on its own terms.

I warn you as it may also be a bit heartbreaking / cold.

From The Northern Kingdom

  • Sweden -

Gustavo the Grande/Great (Gustav II Adolf)

Capital: Stockholm

Flag: A yellow shining cross on a water blue (greyish?) field (a misty tone within the blue)


~ Aurora

//I’ll try posting something weekly, from already gathered stuff.

My idea is to have this thread contain only material, and another thread -for discussion.

This is the beginning of an AoE 3 Civ, hosting the Northern European Power ’Sweden’ during the Age of Discovery through the Colonial, Fortress and Industrial Age to the Age of Imperialism.

Beginning with the rise of the ‘Svea Rike’ reformed into the Kingdom of Sweden by Gustav Wasa around 1525 through militaric opposition, setbacks and growths we partake in the Swedes warfare, Society, Engineering and town-building alongside influential individuals and more, more and more

A Focus on settlement-spread involving slow, yet enduring expansions of held territory.

At first I had planed on involving the Danish as well…

However visual creations and programing is typically not my niche alongside special effects and audio, all these things this Civilisation would need help with to be enabled for play among all AoE 3 lovers & fans :slight_smile:

Age of Empires III
Sweden Contracted ?
Colonial Age ?

European Contract (Receive Coin crates)

American Contract (Receive Food crates)

Asian Contract (Receive spices? & growth (quicker settler training /or tickle rate/boost to all settler-food gathering)

National Contract (Receive Wood crates

^ through building (Institute)

Selective Tech Available (only 1 at a time):
Institution Age II:

Ships 2 outpost wagons, adds +? to max defensive structures.
All military buildings (& Town centers & tradings/Native Posts) obtains +20% hitpoints.

Unlocks Gustavos Cannons in the Artillery Foundry and ships 2 Gustavo Cannons.
All artillery obtains +10% hit points.

Ships 1 privateer.
Ship Line of Sight and attack range increase by +1 or +2.
Unlocks the swedish ‘panzer’ at age 3.

Increase building construction cost by +10%.
Ships a Factory Wagon.
Facilities generates +10% quicker. (Such as Factories, Milkeries, Trading Posts & (Banks)).

Notes: (can pick a second on reaching Age V?).

(Can change once per age. Abundant buildings and units become neutral (abandoned/passive/turned off, does not count towards max limit and costs no population). Tech selected again grants access/activity back, adds count towards max limit and the unit’s population.

A player who has neutral buildings, can pick it and an active same-type-building to switch the status between the two. A destroyed active building automatically turns the closest neutral building-of same-type active).

Town Hall (/Residence)
Identical to Town Center but access to the contracts-tab from there.


Alter Swedish Civ bonus to:

Sweden obtains wood crates with all manufacture shipment and unlocks slow-training of unit-types they receive. (Does not include mercenaries or Team-shipments).

(All new units has an extra 20% penalty pace to training speed)
(If two instances; of Institution/Academy and used Cards grant the same unit, no penalty pace and +10% quicker training.)

Affected Cards:

1 Privateer Age II.
3 Swedish Granadier Age II
3 Gustavos Cannons Age III
4 Uhlans Age II
8 Ruyters Age III
5 Uhlans Age III
7 Uhlans Age III
3 Swedish Fusilier Age III
4 Swedish Fusilier Age III
6 Swedish Fusilier Age IV
1 Li’l Bombard Age IV
1 Li’l Bombard & +10% HP & 30% quicker Training Speed. (HC25)

Not affected:
1 Team panzer-ship Age IV


Alter Sweden Civ Bonus to:

Sweden obtains wood crates with all manufacture shipments and unlocks unit-types they receive but trainable at 1 Age delay. (Does not include Mercenaries or Team-Shipments)

//As I looked through the Swedish reasons behind ‘claiming off-territory’, it rarely was economical for Swedes, they would go with a loss. I realized there always were other reasons behind it, as such ‘contracts’ as a function will part-compensate for the reduced economy Swedes proves themselves to have in this era.


Civ Bonus:

  • Self-Made -
    Military Units from Home-City-Cards are additionally trainable, but at +1 age delay.
    All other shipments grants +100*Age Wood crates.
    Sweden has reduced shipment acquisition rate.

((Sweden owned settlers gathers more than -5% slower (including Coeur Des Bois).))

(Mercenaries & Team Cards are not affected by Sweden’s 1st Civ-Bonus)
Swedish gatherers in these provinces/colonies/areas appear to gather about -20% less, so the other unique benefits Swedes have will appear in future posts.

<> Buildings <>

Log House->Torp

Cost 105 wood, grants +5 population.
//or cost 150 wood, granting +10 population.

Stats: +50% Building HP, but same construction time as normal house.
Special 1: Log-Houses can garrison 1 settler, or 2.
Special 2: Log-Houses cost 50 less wood if built within 3 range of a tree, consuming one tree.


((Nonspecifics now); turns Log-House into ‘Torp’.
Card: Ships 3-5 Torp-(light?)Cavalry & exchanges House-garrisoning with unlocked ability to train cheap Torp-(light?)Cavalry from Torps.)
( )

Slash & Burn

(Farm + Livestock)
‘Svedjeland/Svedjebruk/Swedish Farm/Slash-and-Burn/Burn-Cycled Soil’:

Placeable on trees.

Construction Visible: all trees in area gets put on fire whilst construction and falls over into rich soil. (50% tree hp max at 50% constructed and 0% =destroyed at 100% constructed).

Base Cost: 600 wood or 300 wood.

Special: Costs -50 wood less per tree burnt on placement, max 50% discount (=300 or 150 wood).


Stats: +25% HP over Farm.

Equally effective as Farm but lasts 5 or 7 min, then changes into eco building where cattle can grow fat for 5 or 7 minutes, then 10 trees sprout as the building disappears (10 or 14 min since construction).

Option2: Max 5 settlers at field & 10 cattle. After half duration, sides are auto-switched. Visual of a rotational clock. (Combination of Livestock & Farm, but after 10 or 14 min, disappears and 8 trees sprout in its place.



*Amongst folk/ country people /peasantry - The Slash-and-Burns - agriculture enabled easy accessed farmlands and cropland to feed the folk.

The tradition of slashing, burning, seeding and cropping would vary between farmers and regional areas, where the rotation of the land was key to the yields and longevity of the land.*


Animals fattens-> food is autoproduced based on fat and which animal.
((Unique Unit ‘Milk Cow’ available to Sweeds through Card. Has lower max fat but higher food-rate at milkeries.
Unit Visuals: White & Black-doted Milk-cows))


“Iron Melt Forge” - upgrade
Turns mines’ raw-material into better products. Increases gains from mining operations.
Age III upgrade 250+wood ?


Cost etc Normal

Trainable Units:
Pikemen -> … (req unlocked)
Musketeers -> Fusilier (req unlocked)
Landsknekt ? (not nessisarily like the preexisting unit of similar name)
(((Bow & Crossbow? (Double check req)))


(probably Excluded in favor of Strongholds)
Cost etc Normal

Trainable Units:
Pikemen -> … (req unlock)
Musketeers -> (Royale) Fusili… (req unlock)
Jaeger? Yes/no?
Hussars (through Royale)
Dragoons (through Royale) (karbin)
Hakkapeliter (Hakkapeliitat)
Kyrassiärer (?
Adels-kavalleri (pistol å svärd?)
Cheap Cavalry…
Bondekavalleri… (through Torp? origin)


Halberdier (Royale?)
Naval soldiers ->(III/IV) Huggare


Grenadier (Swedish Granadier?)
Halvslanga (typ immobil väl uppsatt)
Anti Cannon (Culverin?)
Horse Cannon


(probably excluded in favor of Strongholds)
Trainable Units:

((Outpost available through cards & Institution/War-Academy))

Stronghold /Lesser Fort

Build limit 5 or 7
Stats: Stronger or equal to Castle, Weaker than Fort.
Upgrade: “Hill Camouflage”
Require +6 LoS to notice & target by enemy.
As Barrack and Non-Royale Castle Units.

  • Factory
    (Like normal, -through card-s)
    Build limit 2

  • Church

  • Fort
    (Normal, -through card-s)
    Build Limit 2.


To be inserted


Age ? Shipment &/ Age V aging option.

Select an academic path once constructed to receive passive bonuses and unlock unique technologies:

War Academy

Passive Bonus: Military units & ships; cost, upgrades, upgrade time & training time is reduced by -5%.

Hidden passive bonus: …& War-Academy-Shipments arrive 5% quicker with 5% towards next shipment.


“Fusiliers”, Age II/III, Cost 250 food, wood & gold; Improves the trainable Musketeer unit into the Fusilier, requires Veteran upgrade to cost 250 gold.

“Local Provincial Ways”, Age II/III, Cost 250 food, wood & gold; Adds a military unit type for the equivalent of the selected province, requires Veteran upgrade to cost 250 gold: Pomerania: Uhlans (Hussar)

Suomi: Finnish Hackapells (Pikeman)
Scania: Danish Haliberer
?Norway: Skirmisher/Jägare (Crossbowman)
?Asian-trade: Artillery… (Leather Cannon)
?Dutch-ally: Ruyter

Peace Academy

Passive Bonus: Settlers & fishing boats; gain 5% gathering & reduced training time with reduced gathering-upgrade-costs & research time.

Hidden passive bonus: …& -5% receiving time of Academy-Shipments with +5% experience towards next shipment.

  • Unison /Embassy:
    Enables to ally with a Scandinavian/World power, enables training some peace- (ex settler) -Units, researches their improvements and options some units as a batch.

(buildable onto mine)

Age ?II, Cost 170wood & 60gold.

+25% goldmine capacity of it’s max. Settlers change Base form to miners with melee pick and much better gold-gather-rate (+25%? Base gather rate). //or provide settlers with mining tools of Age available market upgrades; turning them into settler-type-miners in appearance, (but not changing stats.)

1700/3 HP (repairable on destruction). Size Small/Medium, visual; black hole shaft, wood construction, rope, weaving lever, wooden wheel, up-endings of ladder, drilled construction beams onto mine.

Buildable by ?Miner & as age-wagon & from ?trading post as construction wagon & by ‘Mineralogist/Surveyor Unit’/Explorer (req card?).


(Buildable within x range of water or decreased elevation (ex hills))

Cost 10 wood/Age. +250 hp /Age.

(Attack available Age ?II/III, (Card/Upgrade) same type as outpost but 1/5 damage.) ((double check))

‘Guiding Northern Light/Beacon’, upgrade, Age ?I; Allied Ships & Units moves +10% faster while within the lighthouse’s range, free.

‘Blinding Beacon’ upgrade, Age III-/V. Blinds enemy units in a far cone shaped aura, slowing their rate of fire (by 1). Age & LoS upgrades improves reach. Enemies within ? Range are not effected. ((Too micro-oriented?))

Is affected by ‘Bastion Fortification’ (stonewalls), +150% hit points.

Buildable by Explorer, (doesnt need to stay while autobuilding?).

  • Plantation
  • Arsenal
  • Capital

<> Startup <>
Sweden begins with


Has lower than average movement speed.
Can construct Light-Houses (Max 5), see buildings.

Card: ‘Vasall’
Title: Vasall
The Explorer becomes be-ridden, obtains Hitpoints, (and the means to raise Swedish Cavalry to the field)/or +10% training speed of units from buildings in his area.

((Card: Commander
+50% HP & Attack, becomes beridden, now Cavalry unit with OK/good speed.
Ranged Attack: (changes)
Range -2
Multiplier vs all Cavalry & Mercenaries +1.0x
Multiplier vs Settlers & all Infantry -0.25x
Aura of +10% Attack and HP and +10% Training speed?))

Card: Governor
+50% HP.
Aura: +10% Resource Gather rate, Unit Hit points, Research speed & Construction speed.


Swedes begins with a sidekick, powerful as an Envoy.
Called ‘Mineralogist/Surveyor’

LoS is extended +6 range for anything that isnt a creature

(Programming; do opposite: -6penalty to spot creatures & all units). Over 18 LoS to spot non-creatures.

Has somewhat slow movement speed.

Has ability to raise Excavation Sites at Mines at ? Wood Cost.

Coin-Flip Outlaw

A bribe-able outlaw (like 0.5x Renegado/Renegat/Renegade), cost 25+ Gold to bribe, +25g for each new bribe)

Town Hall/TC/Residence

Probably a Town Hall, with access to Contracts (changeable whilst within Discovery Age).
Age I->II aging politics: Residence ricksaw.
Residence provides Aura boosting all gather, training & construction rates by 10% in its area.

Weak settlers

Slower training rate, slower gather rate, yet not cheap. ‘Serf’ ?


1 crate of food and wood. +1 crate of ?, and then the randomized 1-2 crates.