Ideas for Turks (NOT obligatory)

  • Economic Upgrades no longer cost food OR

  • Blacksmith Technologies cost 50% less food.

  • Elite upgrade of the Jannisary affected by the Gunpowder techs discount.


I like the third one. Also: petards considered as a gunpowder unit (this also buffs italians on land)


Yeah people wants only modifications on mainstream units, but nobdy ccares on petards.
I suggested that Chinese should get Petards affected by the DMS HP bonus


Problem with Turks is that there are not many ways to actually use that Food savings.
Turks function entirely around Gold, and giving them a strong Knight Rush would just make them like any other civ with a Food bonus and Knights.

They already have a super strong Castle Age Jans + Mango push that is very hard to counter, so any bonusa to Turks would have to affect lategame Trash only.

I still think Trashscorps tied to Artillery would be the best option.

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Janissary+Siege is viable on 2 maps


They have one: scout rush (with free upgrade in castle age).
Since they have already free scout upgrades I would avoid to give them a food-based eco.

I know that light cav are not comparable to knights, but if the turk manage to age up with 8 scouts, I would be afraid of them.



Light Cav is not very scary, though, even for other Turks.

lol really?

un fortunately this is way too much of a buff, until imperial food is one of the most important resources in the game, since so much is needed for aging up and for almost all the more important techs on the way, there’s a reason so few civs get any form of food discount for units/techs

china is S-tier, again another faction that is literally one of the last that needs a buff, even though it is unrealistic they miss some things, it would make them too powerful, unless nerfed somewhere else

this might be a nice one for them at least its not as major as the eco upgrades…

yeah never understood why they werent classed as gunpowder, it would buff italy as well

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  • Attillery should effect Mangos and scorps as well.
  • Cavalry gets +1pa per age Up but they loose the final cav Armor Tech. ( So their cav Ends Up with +2/5 instead of +3/4) also makes them better than generic in feudal until early Imp, so more easy to secure the win before the Trashfight Kicks in.
    Archers are their Main weakness but they have good Options against melee with their gunpowder and scorps and camels vs. Cav.
  • they get a gold trickle in the Level of a relic starting in imperial age. (Maybe as a 3rd unique Tech)

Overlap with Koreans and Khmer…
Overlap with Silk Armor of Tatars and the Indians


Turks mostly go for Cav Archers and Siege, bot of which are not that much Food intensive.

I understand that it would be an effort to make them train Scout line units easier, but I honestly think they would just B-line for Knights and become another Castle Age Knight civ.
Probably would be the final nail in the coffin for Janissaries too.

I wouldn’t call it an overlap with silk armor. One is a civ bonus, the other a unique tech; one acts every age up, the other when researching the UT in the castle; one affects all cavalry, the other only light cavalry, steppe lance and cavalry archer (which is not consider cavalry, if I’m not wrong).
Same for indians bonus. It only affect camels with a +1.

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It’s still overlap to an extent, like Burmese/Aztec or Magyar/Berber. Plus Tatar and Turks are almost clones already so it would be quite obvious.

How are Turks and tartars almost Clones? The only Thing they have in Common ist that their light cav&cav archer Line ist very good, for different reasons though.
There ist only so much you can do (more damage, more HP, cheaper, more Armor, …) without thinking way Out the Box Like lith relic, Khmer Farming or cuman earlier TC, so with 35 civs youll inevitably get some “overlap”, Like the ones you mentioned or say the hun Team Bonus is half the french UT.
I feel Like my Suggestionen wouldn’t even be the worst offenders when IT comes to overlap, If implemented.
What do you Guys think about them in Terms of Balance though?


1-Cav archer&light cav theme
2-Both have hand cannons
3-They have almost the exact same stable AND archery range
4-Both receive a bunch of free techs
5-UT that increase a siege unit’s range
6-Even their dock is similar

That’s quite a lot of similarities. Way more than Magyar/Berber (and Burmese/Aztecs of course)

I don’t think it would be good if you remove armor techs from the civ, as they then will just lose cav fights and have not so ideal camels. And it would ruin the point of free hussars.


Having artillery affect mangonels would help, but i think that’s not enough to keep up with arbalests and such. Perhaps mangos could get extra pierce armor as bonus? They would be somewhat viable then.

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With 35 races im gonna guess theres a lot morr factions with more similar stable and archery range? Tatars have e skirms and steppe lancers. And besides the “similar” buildings they halbs which means they can play very differently with such different units in their “similar” trees

Turks have massive benefits for gunpowder which is a different ball game. The bbc is not a treb. You know that they fill very different roles. It’s odd for you to try stretch the imagination to make such a comparison.

Tatars can actually rush, turks have very little in their favour for that,and on top of all these differences tatar have an incredibly economical UU which is more of a knight than a hussar.

35 civs will lead to overlap, and there’s tons of it everywhere. The fact that you compare a civ like burma which have elephants, CA and gunpowder to aztecs already shows how dissimilar your overlap actually feels in the game…

Turk hussars could definitely do with some love since their other trash is such garbage…

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Give them Pikeman and Elite Skirmisher. It makes zero sense to don’t have Pikeman and Elite Skirmisher. MBL (like other pros) would agree with this. He said that Turks need E. Skir and Pikeman

Even Goths have Elite Skirmishers while their Unique Unit destroys Archers

Even Indians have Halbs while their Imp Camel destroys Cavalry


Yeah its never made sense why they didn’t fix these tech holes as the game was expanded…


Lacking Elite Skirmishers would make sense to one civ only: the Berbers, but they are fine, perfectly balanced on land.