Ideas for unused UTs

Well my idea was assuming people thinking its expensive but Parthnan’s discount was too large so my changes reflected that. Also milita to champ isn’t as expensive as people think, only 1350f and 555gold

560G :wink:
Still Bagains is cheaper than this. Has also very strong effect, and, more important, takes only 40 sec. It is almost mirror Garland Wars price (450F 750G).

It still involves building a castle and researching a tech. And saracen monk rush involves selling all stone anyway. Maybe 66 is too much but buffing it to 50 or changing it to flat discount is better


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555, the m@a price is wrong on wiki. Its 40g

Good to know. Still my point stand.
BTW, is 40G now :wink:

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Even if the tech would refoud you of the full price of a monk, it would still have been better if your monk have stayed alive. So I don’t see why don’t buff them to 50%.


However, I would point out that, in my opinion, from my experience and from what I see, the only unused UT is atheism. The other UT can be tweaked and changed a bit, but they have a use.

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Tell that to the Saracen Madrasahs
or the Slav Orthodoxy

They have a use, maybe they are weak, but a lot of castle age UT are weak, but they are also cheap and useful.

Atheism is on a completely another level. It’s a imp tech that affects a building (wonder) that nobody use. In comparison having more armor or a bit of gold back it seems OP.

pretty sure we been complaining about atheism for a long time now… devs just dont seem to care…

another pretty useless one is the incan civ bonus… why on earth we have situationally awesome civ bonuses like extra archer damage to buildings, or extra knight damage to archers, and then we have a literally useless one… pfffsshh

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I remember times (before DE) when Saracen Team Bonus was a meme one. How meta changed…
Inca team bonus is indead practicly useless, can be changed. Someone had idea of give the Farmers +1 capacity.

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is it really that useless? for something you build atleast 100-200 every game, it must save a lot of time considering this game is all about efficiency. I really find the worst tag an exaggeration. Compared to top tier team bonuses like Mongols, Celts, Huns, Vikings; sure it’s worse but I think Ethiopians and Imma take some hate on this but Vietnamese are worse. Like sure for Vietnamese its useful but in a teamgame with trade post imp, they’re useless

I don’t think it was a meme ever, it did help in taking down palisades in feudal

not sure exactly what ur saying here… but the viet UT has exponential returns on larger games, and they give their team a great UU(even more powerful the longer the game goes on for), almost nothign in the game comes close to how situationally OP that is…

wrt farms, its that thing of “i heard from someone who read something somewhere” that the build speed to farms gives a boost of something like 1% …

whats Imma? and ethiopians give LOS? isnt knowledge the most important thing in battle? thus the LOS could never be considered useless, people just need to use it?

Well, all viets allies get 500g for nothing, I never say no to free resources.

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Not alwyas, IS is usefull for Civs without Thumb Ring. For example, has very good synergy with Britons.

Yes, Vietnamese players instantly researched Paper Money in BoA.

I’m talking about team bonus here, the imp skirm upgrade. I don’t complain much abt paper money post buff. I’d like to see less research time tho.
How many team games have you seen with imp skirms? skirms are a waste of pop in the late game

not built speed, its roughly 2% increase in food collected but once farm upgrades are in the value is diminished further.
Its still 15 seconds to 8 seconds build time decrease

Still much more situational, maybe if it extended to all buildings although could be too good

talking about imp skirms, not paper money

am i missing something, thumb ring?

Elite Skirm without Thumb Ring has accuracy 90%.
Imp Skirm has accuracy 95%.
So if Civ dont have Thumb Ring and is forced to make Skirms, Imp Skirm upgrade matters.

Yeah, I have suggested this in the past. Greek fire should also have the now lost effect of the old Persian UT boiling oil. Expanding it to include towers is a good idea. Generally, it fits the defensive nature of the Byzantines.

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