Ideas of standards

I’m searching for standards, that where there in AoE2 TAoK and now are absend.

Things like:

  • random civ choice!
  • More player choices options for the skirmish, that are now missing. Or at least the menu isn’t that revealing to me. I’m playing it for 30 hours now.
  • Grouping troops with missclick in 2 groups are so annoying. I just want to say control + 1 and this is group 1. not have to devide singlehanded to put some people out of the group 3 to join group 3 AND 1.
  • using rushing for my troops sometimes puts them to run around the enemy and not attacking them. I nearly lost a well balanced troop to simple spearman and archers. While having more. (I know this one wasn’t in AoK…)

You might have some more ideas.