Ideas to buff the vietnamesse

1a could be a nice buff. goes along with free conscription. 1b aswell could be used. 1c is useless without an eco bonus

2a and 2b are already taken by ethiopians and mayans respectively. 2c could be nice, and I tought about it, altought it could be proven OP. But a good idea never the less

I’m not sure they’re enough. Maybe 3b, but still is kinda short for an eco bonus

Could be good, but broken if not well ballanced

5 yes! it’s a good idea. 6 could be too difficult to balance.

7a I think it’s the way it always should be for everyone 11.
7b it’s both a rip off from khmer, and also not enough, since you should always put nearby lumbercamps.

I don’t think it’s a bad bonus. It helps you in early imp. But not a excelent bonus, not by far


Welp given that Inca farms being built twice as fast leads to something like 1% income increase this bonus would be merely twice as good as the worst bonus in the game 11

I don’t think it’s hard to balance, it’s how the British work in AoE3. I guess the real obstacle is that it would trigger some people and make them complaind DE is becoming AoE3.


Didn’t knew that. I have hardly play AOE3. Anyway, i think some civs have already changed the meta and the way of playing (cumans, khmer and malay before them)

The funny thing is that the Cuman second TC is reminescent of the AoE3 Portuguese, who get a TC chariot (ie a free TC that builds itself) upon aging up… Which means they have 2 in the 2nd age, before anyone else and that without any need to spend ressources/villager time.

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2c actually makes lots of sense for Viets as they are historically known for resisting foreign invasions utilising hit-and-run style guerilla tactics. Even though the mongols made hit-and-run famous, in the 13th century they were beaten 3 times during 3 invasions by the Viets who used the very same tactics on them.

Yeah, regenerating archers it would be a huge military bonus, but it could be too overwhelming in feudal. Altough, at this point, I think viets are faaar behind, so they could use a big buff like that one

The +20% HP archers is kinda negligible tbh. I suppose it wouldn’t be OP, since they are lacking early eco bonuses anyway and archers are expensive, massing archer wouldn’t be easy for them to pull. Tho I’d love to see this in action, this has potential to create interesting gameplays.

The thing is every other archer civ have atrack bonuses for their archers. I would like viets to get one also. (regenerating archers it’s the best defensive bonus I can think of, though)

But why would they only regen while idle? All units that can regen in AoE2 do so 100% of the time and always at the same rate.


Archers regeneration sounds like a viable UT. Agreed that it doesn’t need to apply only to idle units (not much sense).

I insist that faster moving foot archers could be applied somehow. There are already faster moving infantery, cavalry, battle elephants, vills, ships, trash and siege for other civs, so why not? (well mayans have a fast moving archer but thats a UU, I refer to basic units in this suggestion).

Discounts for economy technologies could be a good boost to explore. Not bad and not too OP.

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Yeah, I think regenerating should apply all the time, specially because it’s not that useful in archers. Anyway, I think they should an offensive bonus

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I’m not agree +20% is way more usefull that it seems. few hits are required to take them down. The real problem is to mass the archer without any kind of eco bonus. Another problem is their lategame. A civ that struggle in early game should shine in lategame and they don’t. They lack black furnace, parthian tactic (with it , they would have one of the best late game cav archer) mansonery and hussard upgrade. Kinda disappointing for a late game civ.

I like a lot of the proposal in this threat but many people under estimate the archer hp bonus. survivability on unit are always strong even on range unit. do not forget that it affect archer, cav archer and skirm. Few more hits are required to kill an archer, and even a mangonel shot kill less archer due to this bonus.

bonuses that nobody proposed:

  • Gain 100 wood every time they to go to the next age. (very strong on fast castle - kinda similar to ethiopian bonus)
  • Gain a free villager each time they go to the next age or finish a TC (except in dark age - to avoid big bonus on nomad/steppe): this may be too op.
  • Technologies researched 10/15/20/25 % faster except advancing age
  • free guild and guild available in castle age : may be very helpfull on some megarandom map but seems a bit too weak in general.
  • mill/woodCamp/MiningCamp techno are 20% cheaper and reasearched 20% faster.
  • TC techno (except advancing to next age) are 25% cheaper and researched 25% faster. (25% cheaper loom help on drush, do not underestimate this)
  • free balistic (but still need to be researched, to avoid big boost too early in castle age)
  • start with loom and -50 gold (get loom as soon they finish a TC on nomad/steppe): similar to AOC asteks but on a ‘bad’ civ and get -50 gold. With it you’re 1 vill ahead. ‘Similar’ to mayan +1 vill bonus except on nomad/steppe.

I think that’s the eco bonus they deserve, but with 50% and 50%

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It is a nice idea, what he says.
BUT still the Vietnamese have to be normal and balanced to some extent.

  • 10% cheaper military units (except siege)
    This is a but strange cause it is just 10 percent, i.e. nothing much and itis too global for me.
    I would like if it is more like pikemen cost -10 food and are created 15 percent faster.
    OR for ex. archers cost -15 percent less gold from age II on … but it sounds like the MAYANS now LOL So I guess it is not acceptable.
  • Armor techs in blacksmith techs available one age in advance
    THIS is very very wrong I think
  • Give them elephants in feudal age
    Man this might seem nice on paper BUT who has money for elephantos in AGE II??
  • Chatras gives also either +1 attack to elephants or + 10 bonus againts pike line
    I like this one most of all, but maybe +5 vs pikes, 10 is a lot if u look at the HP of a pikeman or halberdier…

Isuggest another thing :
hand cart and wheelbarrow cost 75 % less , how about it ?

THIS one I like, thanks for the good idea -
Wood camp and Mill technologies are 1/2 cheaper. Well done !

I like it too, it would make smoother the early feudal for any kind of rush (maa to archer or scout to archer), save resources for xbow upgrade when hitting castle age and so on.

50% discount and 50% research time? it will be one of the best eco bonus of the game, since it affect every ressources. i don’t think viet needs one of the best eco bonus since they already get a strong archer line in feudal (with the downside of terrible eco). And this bonus will also create an enormous power spike if you fast castle. i would be very cautious with this. 25% seems to be the maximum for me

it’s the viking bonus but worst since you have to research it and pay 25% of the cost.

Thanks! Just to have another opinion : which military bonus would you give them?

Well, you still have to pay gor everything, and it’s not immediate. Think that usually you don’t get all 4 upgrades in feudal. Often is wood and farm upgrades, so it’s like having one free.

What about free fletching, etc? like magyar bonus?


Maybe too op, because of towers? Perhaps an alternative would be giving +1 attack to archers when advancing each age.

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