Identity fixes - with possible nerfs and buffs

With the last patch seriously changing the Saracen identity for the positive, the Saracens are really looking like the historic Saracens. With the fix of Saracens, I hope some other parts of some civs are corrected. I suggest some changes for the good, but I may be toned down by some conservatives:

  1. Burmese - should be an “Infantry, Monk and Elephant civilization”. Monks are all great for Burmese, maybe not statistically superior, but way good. The way the meta revolves is Infantry in late Feudal to Early Imperial is rare. With the recent nerf to Arambais, the Elephants could use a possible buff.

Civ bonus added: Elephant units have +1p armor.
Howdah: Elephant units attack 15 or 20% faster (reload rate reduced by 13 or 16.66% respectively).

Burmese having poor skirmishers, gives them a slight weakness in castle age. Burmese Elephants are pretty generic till their UTs. The two issues synergise pretty well and thus could save the day.

Possible nerf: Manipuri Cavalry (yes this should be the name) gets reduced to +4 or +5.

  1. Lithuanians: As a “Cavalry, (Trash) and Monk” civilization, it is ironic, their cavalry trash unit is just average. The original +5 with relics on Hussars was definitely OP. But the civ could strengthen its forte in either cavalry or trash.

Path 1: Remove Champion. Add Plate Mail. Change effect of UT2 to [+1]/+1p.
Path 2: Relic 2 and relic 4 affect scout line also. Or only relic 3 if former feels too strong.

  1. Celts as an infantry civilization suffer the same drawbacks of Infantry being unusable.

Civ bonus added: Supplies grants +1 attack to [Militia, Man-at-Arms,] Long Swordsmen and Woad Raiders. Elite Woad Raiders, 2HS and Champions unaffected. This is important, since they do not have options other than infantry and siege. Those Man-at-Arms are already great due to the speed bonus, but after Squires hits in Castle Age, the Long Swordsmen are just slightly faster.

  1. Vietnamese: As an archer civ, their archer HP bonus affects hand cannoneers, cavalry archers and strangely enough Elite Kipchaks. The latter seems neither a foot archer not an archery range unit.