Idle military should attack walls

I would like it if I didn’t have to shift-click on every single segment of an enemy wall to get rid of it. I understand why units don’t attack walls with attack-move. It’s better to prioritize enemy units and buildings. Attack-move should ignore walls. But if a unit is standing there with nothing else to do, please have it auto-attack the walls.

Agreed. Though, I’d suggest that instead of idle military units attacking a wall, they instead continue attacking segment after segment without the need to shift click. An initial click to attack the wall would still be necessary to start the process though.


That sounds even better, yes. That way, the idle military key does not miss units that are on low-priority wall duty unless you explicitly put them on that task.

There’s a problem with auto-attacking the next segment though. If you just busted down the first segment of a wall with an army on the other side, the last thing you’d want is for your army to attack the next segment.

What if idle military attacked walls but were still considered idle?