Idle military / siege / stop moving / don’t attack

Hi there,

I’m sure this one is already reported, but I cannot find it on the known issue list which I think it’s pitty because I really like the game but I’m about to stop with it because of this bug : ( as are my friends I believe.

Whenever I send a siege unit, for example a mangonel with an attack move it will not always attack. Also not if I order the attack directly without an attack move. To fix this I need to manually move them in range and try again. Of course I don’t want the mangonel to be too close so I move it tile for tile, and even need to manually unpack to get it to attack. This unfortunately takes the fun out of it for me, especially in the heat of the moment.

If have numerous examples, one more just to be sure: springalds which don’t attack ships. They simple stop moving and don’t attack when I right click on a ship.

Could you please fix this? I feel like smooth gameplay is so much important! Hopefully you could fix it as soon as you could : )

Thank you for the report! We are definitely aware and working on this one. We would love to hear if this is still an issue after the Spring Update is released. Appreciate it!