Idle villagers waiting thier turn on a crowded food source

While testing hotkeys and playing around with different buttons I’m comfortable with. I noticed that a group of 4 villagers were labeled as idle on my UI. I hit select Idle Villagers in Radius which I have assigned to MB4. I have no issues selecting idle villagers this way until these 4 villagers waiting their turn on the sheep.

Is this intended?

If the villagers are showing Idle on my UI I should be able to select them even if they are waiting their turn on a resource.

Hey @JetLikeM3! The behavior is intended. However, we consider these Villagers to be “semi-idle” and should not have the “Zzz” over their head. Are you seeing this?

It does sound like they are showing up as idle in the UI, which I agree is counter to not showing the “Zzz.” If this sounds right, I’ll open an investigation into it.