If a "Spaniards" civ is even added, I don't think it should revolve around the more Modern Spanish Empire

Most of the times someone suggests a Spanish civ, all they talk about are conquistadores, missionaries, galleons and so. And while I wouldn’t be against adding something of that in the Imperial Ages (and only there), I think the focus should be somewhere else.

And I mean, this game is about the Middle Ages, and while I understand the original AoE2 expansion put the spotlight on a more Modern setting, for the time being AoE4 has been firmly established as a game with a medieval setting.
So, what about almogávares as unique hit-and-run infantry? What about caballeros villanos or infanzones as cost-efficient unique heavy chalvary? Maybe even include the concept of the milicia concejil as a mechanic. What about the Parias es an economic mechanic?

What I mean is, if they were to add a Spanish/Spaniards civ, I believe it should be about the Middles Ages in the Iberian Peninsula rather than about 16th century stuff. Even if they are better-known for their America conquests, I think the “Reconquista” offers enough stuff to play around when it comes to units, mechanics and so.

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well I did a Spanish civ concept based on the Reconquista era a while back.
Medieval spain is a complicated matter, and a era of very rapid change and complicated politics and identity.

Because the spanish Reconquista saw the fall of the remnant of a once great empire (The Umayadd, the precursor of the Abbasid empire), and the rise and formation of not just 1, but 2 global colonial empires that became wealthy beyond imagination.

And with all that happening, there is -a lot- to put into consideration when creating a Spanish based civilization.

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That’s nice to read, mr.Kameho3743.

I understand your point, but consider a few things:

Unlike AoE2, where some Civs from the High Middle Ages or that didn’t make it to the Renaissance age (Huns, Cumans, Bulgarian) lack gunpowder units in Imperial; in Age IV all Civs in Imperial have firearms and cannons, hence one and another Landmark or part of the Lore of the Civ includes a period where they themselves acquired them, and if they have any unique unit of gunpowder, they have it. The Spanish empire count in those nations, but well, originally it was called Kingdom of Castilla and Aragon, but to deprive them of the 16th century would be to deprive them of their tercio arquebusier, a handcannoner that they should have yes or yes.

That being the case, there would be no problem in the first 3 ages (Dark, Feudal, Castles) dealing with the Reconquest period, and the Imperial Age the Period of the Spanish Empire, because of course it was its greatest peak.

In fact, considering the Reconquest: The Almogavar, The Horseman, The Knight of Santiago can be good unique units. The missionary can continue to be a monk of a single unit, since they only appear in III age, and many orders were founded in Spain.

Of course, for the Imperial age, the technological improvements of Spain should be highlighted:

  • Arquebusier de Tercio, Falconete de campo (replaces bombard) are some examples of unique units.
  • Tercio Tactics, replaces Army Tactics, and improves 35% HP and 35% attack of spearman and MaA (not almogavar).
  • Piquero de Tercio: Spearman get a pike, with 100% more range, and +2 of attack.

I would give more information, but I also create my own concept of Spain and I plan to release it when I find some economic bonus that works, although I would call it “Kingdom of Castile and Aragon”. Easy they even reduce it to “Castilla y Aragón”.

Right now I am working on an AZTEC concept, it has images and a whole system, I want to publish it, but every time I finish it, I keep adding more things to it, and if I go too long it will have about 18 unique technologies, but I want it to stay at 16. Take care.

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