If AoEIV is not a success, AoEII will be next

Microsoft is going to bet very hard on this game, if it is not a success as they hope, the money they will put in a game from more than 20 years ago will be much less because they do not see a long term and little by little it will die.

If some AoE2 players think that if AoE4 fails, they will put money back into AoE2 as before, then let me tell them they are very wrong.


Not only that.
Classic RTS genre will be hindered by that greatly considering how niche it is already.


Hmm, AoE2 is making them quite a bit of money, pretty good for a 20+ year old game. Why will it die if AoE4 fails? Do you have an explanation or are you just trying to troll?


What is the point of this post? lol


I don’t see why they would stop investing in aoe 2 if aoe 4 fails


Their whole idea with providing us with DE version of each game up until the release of AoE4 is to hype us for that game. If AoE4 was never made, DE versions most likely wouldn’t have come in the first place.

Therefor if AoE4 fails majorly then it’s common sense for them to stop caring for the other older titles as Microsoft will pull it off from the table and focus the resources elsewhere. And if this happens other companies that might have wanted to try and resurrect this genre won’t do it as they will see that as not worth the trouble.


The reason is obvious: The RTS genre is dead and needs to rise with the IV, if that is not achieved, Microsoft does not have to continue betting on a niche game of more than 20 years when there are other games that are more mainstream.

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That is the point. You understood.

aoe2 was fine without Microsoft.
It still would be fine until they shut down servers and close the whole team (what is unlikely).


If not this , if not that , come on man ;].AGE4 will bee a great rts game , because I was playing , and Im sure of that ;].Age2 is a good rts game , Age4 is even better ;].Take it easy , and calm dawn

Thanks to the bet to make a Definitive Edition of the game and, especially, to inject money into tournaments, AoEII DE has much more audience than the HD edition.

The game and the RTS genre will take time to die if the IV does well. That is my point of view and that of several people. Each one will see.

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What are you even trying to say?
AoE II already got DE and new expansions. What IV has to do with anything? Are people hoping for 10 more civs, or another re-release after HD and DE?
I have no idea what money are you talking about. Money on AoEII was already spent and maintaining 2DE costs borderline nothing, compared to modern, bigger games.
Relatively a very small team can keep mp things going, along with fixing whatever there is to fix and polish.


But AOE II is far from dead? Maybe RTS in general is dead because of TBS games like Civ 6, but AOE II is head strong. And people are dying in anticipation for Age of Mythology DE. The fail of AOE IV does not mean AOE will die out. People will just anticipate more updates to the other legendary games everyone else plays. Like how hype was Dawn of the Dukes DLC.


Not completely but it is dying. If it was dead we would not be seeing this many RTS titles. Iron Harvest, CoH3, Spellforce 3, Ancestors Legacy, AoE4 are all pretty recent RTS titles. It is a very niche genre

How are they betting? AoE2 was at it’s best state before DE came along, now it is in a new best state. They are making plenty of money off of AoE2, why stop a cash flow? It is like a diner stopping making hotdogs because Hamburgers bring in more money and are more “mainstream”



The reality is that it has been stagnant in numbers for a long time, at a very good rate for a game from the late 90s, but you can see that you have to evolve and aspire to something better for the genre to live.

let’s be real HD was sucks. people continued to play on voobly even after HD release.

People would stop playing it? - No, we will continue playing game.
No new tourneys? For a couple of years we will have tourneys anyway.
Even If RB5 is the last - means nothing. Streamers cancelled their tourneys cause could not schedule it correctly. Streamers are living for Aoe2 and wont run away.

So what’s ur definition of death? And what’s ur definition of “aoe4 failure”?

Stagnation - may be, death - no. It’s depends more on FE team than on aoe4

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Bro, try to think twice before typing such senseless argument

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In this life everything has a beginning and has an end and more when the sponsors and the company that develops a game no longer gives it content.

I am not saying that AoEII will die now or in the short term, but it is an old game and in the end the new games will be the ones that have to carry, the new generations want new games.

I just want success in the franchise and that happens through IV.

What are you talking about? It has some of the highest numbers for RTS games on steam, lol. Not to mention it is in steam’s top 100 most played games or something like that, so I wouldn’t call it stagnant. This isn’t counting players from MS store and HD players AND voobly players

AoE2 is doing better than ever


Thanks for your contribution.