If Auto Queue is not in age of mythology retold, we have a problem

Single-/Multiqueue is something different :smiley: That one was officially introduced in HD Edition and tries to split unit production equally across all buildings, so if you have 5 barracks, select all of them and train spearmen, each will train one spearman.

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Thing is, the base line question is why the need to remove it? True, it’s not a fundamental aspect of the game that changes the core mechanic and changes what AOM is. But nor is it a game-breaking exploit that causes unfair advantages or depletes the game of any strategy.
The only arguments I’m seeing to remove it are from players who either are trying to speak for the fan base because they think they know better (“you’ll become a better player, you’ll thank me later”) or from AOE2 players/ranked players who want the fairest way possible. Which I get. So why is there an argument to remove it entirely for everyone when the simplest and best solution is a toggleble option in ranked lobbies and in single player as before? Why do some people just adamantly want it removed for everyone, when clearly a large portion of AOM OG fan base want it kept in as an option? To speak for others and tell them that they’d be better is quite arrogant. Let those who like casual play casual


Apparently. I’ve never heard of such a thing in AoE before, then.

Global queue is this:

Oh. I didn’t even know that was called the “global queue”.