If curiasers 1100 hp area 3 damage 62, could i get please at elast more exp bounty for kill them?

the rewards to kill a building with feet that kill units is low in my opinion.

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XP bounties are typically based on a unit’s resource cost.

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Total amount of resources x10 is the exp bounty for almost every unit in the game (some outlaws and Livestock Pen excepted. For some reason). Gendarme is 150 food, 150 gold (cost reduction from cards and/or upgrades don’t affect bounty), so 30 exp, consistent with every other unit. Maybe they should be made more expensive, but France doesn’t have an unreasonable win rate.

The unit is fine.
Its not like france can get instant gendarmes anymore and the unit has already been nerfed on imperial age.
France is fairly balanced now on the game I think and making them more expensive would really hurt their early and mid game as in most cases training them early is simply not viable

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waht nerf on imperial age?


  • Imperial Gendarmes improvement reduced to +40% attack and hit points (from 50%)"

well if they have a german ally, still have that 50% percent or more.

They’re still just as nerfed regardless? Before the nerf they’d be +50% + German Ally card. Now they’re +40% + German Ally card. I don’t see how that’s relevant to whether they’re nerfed or not. If you have an ally that helps out with anti-cav they become weaker by comparison too.


the problem in 1vs1 is that suddenly 13 cuirasiers appear and they kill eveything unless opponent craetes at least 2x more dragons, 1 stable can create 5 cuirasiers , but 1 stable cannnot create 10 dragons needed to kill cuirasiers, so adding that 200 wood cost to dragons, its a disanvatnage

If you have no anticav at the moment then yep, it is a problem.
Cuirasisers train a lot slower and cost 300 resources each and its simply not viable to train them early on unless you have stagecoach as they are such a huge investment.
They can surely be the reason a player wins the game but they can also make that same player loose the game if they make that cav on the wrong time.
Usually french players will start skirm goon and by the time the cav switch comes you should already have a decent amount of anticav.

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