If I buy AGE2DE on Steam, will my progress made with MS version be saved?

I’m thinking about buying AGE2DE on Steam, because on MS game files are completely blocked and I’m struggling to open them. However, if I link to Steam my Xbox Account, will the progress and save games made on MS be saved on Steam? Thank you!

Nope. (20 char limit)

You might be able to manually copy the save files if you can find where they are stored in the windows version

Steam save files are stored in C:\Users\usernamehere\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE

inside is a folder with a long string of numbers as a name, inside that folder are ones that store your hotkey setup, user profile, saved games and recorded matches

Windows store may place save files etc. in the AppData folder at


But I am not certain where it stores these files or if they are actually accessible

I found them but I can make nothing, I tried with permission but it doesn’t work