If Infantry Had A Tech To Give 20 Hit Points?

Basically bloodlines. But it only applies to infantry. Just melee infantry. For example, a champion now will have 90 hit points. And a Halberdier will now have 80 hit points. However, the Vikings hp bonus may need to be stronger.

Would this be too OP and break the game balance? Or would making this an expensive imperial age technology offset that?

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This is good idea, but of course not for everyone. Only few civs should have this. Also can affect only Champs, but not Halbs. It is also good idea for Unique Tech for someone - i had idea of replaceing Byz Greek Fire tech (and move effect to civ bonus) by tech with this excact effect - Tech will have name “Varangians” :smiley:

It may need to affect someone like the Japanese or Celts. Since their unique units is like a champion replacement.

such a tech, depending on how it was applied and to whom it was applied, could result in unintended swings in balance.

for example, Vikings, Celts, Goths and the Meso civs could very well become too strong.
as could Malians, Bulgarians, and Malay.

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Yeah possibly. I seen guys complaining that infantry are so weak. As in the Militia line. However, militia line tend to destroy trash units which is great for protecting your valuable cavalry units for a fraction of the cost. I don’t think they using the units properly.

no, they are right, the Militia isn’t that great outside of a few niche situations.
the thing is though, Civs like Malay get free trash 2h swords, so 20 extra health could be strong there. Malians get extra pierce armor, Bulgarians get Baghains, the Meso civs why it could cause issues is obvious. the list goes on.

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Yeah. Seems like it could break the game. I’m not going to try justify defending it. I’m not sure if infantry need a buff but I don’t know exactly how buff to them even if they do.

+20HP would be too much tbh, and there are already 3 techs to unlock in feudal/castle age that are only for infantry (excluding blacksmith upgrades). I’ve suggested an infantry buff in the middle of this discussion, which many people agreed with, make sure to read
Extra pierce armour for Swordsman+?

The cavalry got this bonus tech, why not infantry? The same question I already ask and I think infantry are still too weak because they have only about half of HP and are much slower.

The biggest point is the late game where you reach your population cap and each cav is stronger and tankier than infantry units. Other games put cavalry units with two population and that for good reason (human + horse :D).

But I would just do for swort line units bacause you see them not really much in games except some civs where this units got their buff. Speer Line units would be too string I think because they are cheap and would be harder to count with archers or skirms. But it would also be possible if you give archers and skirms more bonus damage to pikes.

I would support this topic.

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perhaps because infantry has no trash counters and archers and knights are only a soft counter and if the HP is increased, knights and xbows won’t hold as counters anymore. The cheapness and spammy nature of infantry also has to be taken into account while buffing them
Also it makes logical sense, breeding bulkier horses for cavalry. What you gonna name the infantry tech? protein shake?


“Recruit selection” Tech. Or “Veterans”.


isn’t that what champion is supposed to be? higher rank, trained etc

I don’t like this idea. I think we got enough barrack techs at the moment. Maybe give long swordsmen only +5HP to be more viable in Castle age and reduce the cost of the research slightly to match the crossbows lower tech cost more closely.

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Yes. :slight_smile:


Thankfully, we are not playing warcraft 3 or aoe 3 here.

I say nerf bloodline to +10 hp and eagles hp to -5hp


Good infantry units are spammable and mobile. Examples are eagles and goth/Malay flood.

If we want to buff infantry, my guess is that we should make the militia-line close to the infantry strategy that are working:

  • I would say that the first point is an increase of the speed, maybe making it closer to the spearman-line.
  • Then, if you want to improve spammability, a reduction of the TT (maybe locked behind supplies or from the longsword on) can work as well.

This clearly penalizes eagles and condos. For eagles this is not a big issue, since meso civs have very good anti-infantry options, so they may be even happier to see more infantry on the field. Condos, would need some sort of rework since TT and speed are their features. Maybe letting their gold cost affected by supplies or making them a better options for teammate.

yeah would be great

imo the issue with infantry is specifically not the spammability, as a mass of archers is still going to rek them… and increasing the spammability will make the situations where infantry are strong, even more so… malay and goth floods…

imo the issue is more with their uselessness in castle age, spammability wont help them here… so i support minor hp, speed or pierce armour buffs…

The speed boost would help a bit vs archers.

Originally, karambit warriors were decent vs archers since they were a lot. If spammability is improved, at least you can use a sort of mini goth flood to hit your opponent. It would be a strategy, as going knights of crossbowman.

Currently longsword is not a real option in castle age. Spammability may give it a chance.

i dono about this one and if we look at goths who can already do it, or just spamming rax in the first place (like mali) we can maybe see that one could already spam infantry if they wanted to… but it would cost so much … but ya maybe in combination with the speed or whatever else minor buff they get it would work