If players want more Feudal Age, then how about rebalancing Town Centers to give every civ a 2nd Feudal TC?

This would make racing to the Castle Age less critical than it is now by smoothing the power spike between Feudal and Castle Age.

The reason why players race to castle age is because, cumans excluded, only in castle age you really get tools to finish off an opponent definitely, by destroying his TC for example (with siege, knights, castle drop). So regardless of whether you give every civ a second TC, racing to castle age will always remain a thing because it is such a hige powerspike. Everyone knows you don’t want to be stuck in feudal when Hoang comes to eat your TC…


Stop being obsessed about booming, the race to Castle Age isn’t just about booming, watch Arena games, FC gives you a power spike, it can be either an opportunity to expand economically or using Castle Age military and Siege to bring the opponent into a defeat, aka Hoang (an extreme example).

People’s mindset these days is overly corrupted by the common meta, which is mass TC’s in Castle Age, that’s not how Arabia can be played, in theory there are plenty of 1TC strategies out there, including the famous Lierreyys Fast Imp Arbs, or just a UU rush.

The core reason why we no longer see these diverse strats is the map (how different Arabia is currently comparing to AOC), it’s the root of this booming meta, so try to slow down with your new preception about the game.

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Is naive to hope this applied, but, looking how good is the AOE4 new mechanic of rams builded in feudal by troops, I would really like to see this working on AOE2.
With this, and maybe more research time for Castle Age as I read somewhere.

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I do love cuman feudal ram push, it could be lovely to see if that would work if all civs got feudal rams.

Requires military to support the rams, someone going straight FC will struggle especially on more open maps. Could potentially be the key to keeping a longer feudal age.

What’s the point of feudal age if it’s changed into mini castle age tho?


Go play the age of chivalry mod.