If ranked was Arabia only?

What if ranked played for both 1v1 and team was Arabia only. Nothing else.

Would it be better? Zero chance of choke points maps like black forest. Or maps (edit no chance of) with high resources. Okay, water maps would forever be unranked. So, they would have to test somehow if navy civs were balanced or not by looking at unrankd play for water maps.

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For me ranked is the place to get easily into a game against equally skilled opponents. This system needs to work for as many as players as possible.

Let’s look at your suggestions:

  • Arabia only: This makes Ranked not playable for those who also prefer other maps. So this is a no go form.
  • High resources: This is pretty much a very small niche in the lobby. No need to add such setting to the ranked queue. If the player base in the lobby grows, we can think of adding this to the ranked queue. At this moment i think this is also a no go.
  • Water maps arent popular, but currently part of ranked. Excluding them doesnt really make much sense to me. You can easily ban that 1-2 maps if you dont like them. We dont need to many water maps in the map pool, but 1-2 hybrid / water maps is fine for me. So also this is a no go for me.
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We have large amount (from what I seen in threads in the past) of guys who want to play nothing but Arabia. Any other maps in their mind is heresy.

I meant no chance of high resources maps. All maps poor in resources, like Arabia.

There are people who wouldn’t like that, I can understand it.

Just because a (supposed) majority wants something, it’s not a good argument for denying another players of what they like.

I mean, it’s like people don’t get to play arabia, but people can’t pretend that anyone just play what they want on ranked.

The best system is a system that attracks the highest number of players. So in my ideal world there is place for all different kind of players. Most players needs to be happy to play in the ranked queue. The preferences of these player can have a wide range. All needs to be happy in the ideal world.

There’s no place for a large amount of players on ranked. Such as Michi/black forest lovers. Where the aim of the game is boom and not attack for ages. Mods lovers, scenario lovers. And maybe some other kinds of players.

This wil be stupid and so boring. People must be able to play any map, and learn other maps strats, water, hyprid, nomad…etc. making the ranked only one map is just ridiculous, in the end this is a strategy game. In other hand there are many people who enjoy playing ranked as what they do not want only Arabia, there are people on top 100 only play Arena, like Dracken, Running, and so on, why do you want them to stop playing ranked with your only map?! I know other people who like only water maps even if they are few unlike the majority of the community here

In the end you cant include everything in the ranked queue. You will always, no matter what, end up with some niches that are excluded. Luckily we will have still a lobby for niches.

Most of the groups you mentioned are part of a niche in my eyes. I think you can say that BF was always be a large part of the TG community, so they need some love. I also think that the current TG ranked queue dont really works. I think it was memb who stated here recently that DE killed TGs in general. I have no quick fix for that issue, but i really hope that the devs will give some love to the ranked queue in the near future, so those issues will be fixed as well.

Other groups beside BF are pretty much to small. Again, that is at least my opinion. I think you could make the argument to introduce the CS ladder of Voobly for scenario’s and also put BR into this ladder, but i am not sure if that attracks lots of people.

Uh, no

Standard setting is standard setting

What if people want to get into a map like idk Arena?

I don’t see a reason for this change. I play with Arabia as my favorite, and I block the 2 or 3 closed off/water maps. I get to play almost exclusively Arabia in 1v1 ranked which is typically my preference. And when I don’t get to play Arabia it’s still typically an open map so that’s ok too!

But if I prefer to play a different map like many may, I can block arabia, and favorite a different map, then all sorts of different options open up to me. I think our current system is really good for allowing the most possible people play what they want all in the same place so that waiting times aren’t too bad. Sure there are always changes that can be made, but the current ranked system feels pretty great to me.


Why, though? I mean in 1v1 you can almost exclusively play arabia if you want so. In tgs the arabia play rate is (in my experience at least) a bit lower but it’s still the most frequent map by quite a large margin.

So with increasing the arabia play rate from 70-90% to 100% you wouldn’t change much for the people that already mostly play arabia but at the same time really scare away people that prefer other maps.

Michi has never been part of the pool (and rightly so 11), bf is only included in tgs where you can ban it. I don’t see what other maps belong to that category. Arena doesn’t imo and you certainly can’t say there wouldn’t be a place for them in ranked.

Arabia only = cancer
Arabia only + picking civs + choosing positions = ban

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