If skirmishers did bonus damage to cavalry?

Skirms do have a bonus against elephant archers…

the op hinted at them having serious anti cav damage in his initial post, so no, i wasn’t exaggerating.

and followed it up with this little line here.

which clearly means the buff to skirms would be significant enough to warrant a buff to the cavalry units to maintain balance. which would literally then require a buff to archers to maintain the knight/archer balance, and then create even more balance changes.

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It would be a bad design:

  • In feudal, skirm counters archer and spearman. In group they even counter Maa because of hit and run tactics. They only get destroy by scout (and by a huge margin) So even with +1 bonus damage, as long as you get 10+ skirm, you will be able to counter everything in feudal? Sound crazy

  • In castle, the strongest units are knight and crossbow. You want to make them effective against these units? Even +1 dmg will be too much. It will be age of skirms and mangonel (since mango will be the only counter to skirms?)

  • In Imp, they could get it, cav are so fast and so numberous. But only viet (and their allies) can upgrade eSkirms. If you give +1 dmg to cav to imperial skirm, it won’t be a problem (i guess).

But a unique tech that gives bonus damage (+2 max) against cav could be… interesting?

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You’re right. I’m not sure if I want talk about this anymore. Since, this buff would break the game if skirmisher had this bonus.

Moving on.


Maybe reducing the spearline anti-elephant damage would be enough, and could be good for both 1v1 and team games? Spears are more useful in 1v1s because there might not be any archers around, whereas I imagine skirmishers could be easier to protect in team games (particularly comparing Khmer pocket with Khmer 1v1). On the other hand, such a change could really mess with Vietnamese :confused: If I recall correctly BE are currently one of Vienamese best counters to skirmishers (since they lack Hussar and Blast Furnace).

probably not a good idea all things considered.

I’m pretty sure javelins are pretty damaging to ALL forms of life, though, so no reason to have a bonus vs cav :slight_smile: