If the game is not debugged, I will not buy the new DLC!

Title says all:
I tried to queue up with friends today and we didn’t even got to the stage to rage about the alt-f4 dodging.
Because all of the time some of 4 players could not join the ranked lobby, nor fetch the room list in the lobby browser.
This is the pinnacle of all things beeing broken, just followed by

  • crashes to desktop very frequent
  • frametimes from hell
  • map/player dodging in the ranked queue
  • GUI elements not working
  • building waypoints bugging out

If things won’t be debugged i will not buy the recent DLC, or upcoming DLCs.

If things get addressed, I am willing to support you by buying all DLCs.

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You can word your concerns in a non-threatening way lol

Why should he do ? even though he is angry?

The people reading this make money despite whether you buy the dlc’s.

You’re voicing your concern in the wrong place.