If the next DLC is about the Caucasus

… and the one after that (if we’re going to get another one) in 2024 neither about either Africa or America, it will be a decade since we got anything for the Americas and almost a decade since we got new African civs.

I’d honestly be disappointed that those places are completely forgotten when it comes to new civ additions.


The first two DLCs of the Definitive Edition being both European DLCs raised several eyebrows.

Especially when I personally find Lords of the West civs probably one of the weakest in design. We could’ve had some other region in Africa or Asia with probably more interesting mechanics instead of Cavalry simulator 2.0 from basically existing civs in the game.:sob:

Anyway, if the next DLC is in Africa, bet it’ll have three civs max and one of them isn’t even in Africa (f.e. African Kingdoms with Portuguese, I get you need a connection, but still… 11)


I don’t think most people want more european civs. There are few people who are really obsessed with it, but most people want africa, or china.


Is 3 civs with eagle warriors really satiating to people

I have wondered for a long time, how do you make another Meso civ interesting?

You have the archer focused one, the infantry focused one (with monks) and the defensive jack-of-all-trades. What design space is left? (Legitimate question)


Cavalry and gunpowder. The Mapuche say hello.

You make north or south american civs instead of a third meso :smiley:

On a serious note: thre are much much more civs overlapping each other, and still cool, with cavalry, so there’s still lots of space design left. They dont even need an EW, it could be another regional unit, like something replacing CA, long range infantry, “siege” human unit etc


Agreed. I think the one time bonus UTs have a lot to do with. Until Flemish revolution and first crusade are reworked/replaced I don’t think those two civs will really be in a good place.

Karambit-esque archers.
Naval Caribbean/Polynesian

Maybe some of these could work


Sadistic employee at FE: “All civs in this DLC will be in Africa”
: Extends timeline and adds Boers, Belgian Congo, and British Colonies in Africa as the new civs.

Respectfully, imagine thinking in such a limited way with other civs. But this is otherwise a good question, so I’ll try to give a solid answer. Keep in mind there are plenty of existing (non-American) civs that principally fall into one of those three categories and yet don’t have meaningful strengths in areas that American civs lack (gunpowder, cav archers). So you have a lot of flexibility in that your hard constraints are no gunpowder or cav archers (although the Inca and Maya UUs approximate some of these roles), but you have a unit that’s a decent stand in for melee cav in the Eagle.

Like there are a dozen eagle-related bonuses I can think of without getting very creative or gimmicky:
-Eagles Move Faster - Attack Faster - Train (Much) faster (UT) - More LOS - Deal More Bonus Damage - Resist some Bonus Damage - Have more Melee Armor - Eagles cost less, or no gold (UT) - Res for Kills - Eagles Regen - Bonus vs something (CA, villager, building…) - Eagles deal area or passthrough (i.e. Ghulam) damage (UT) - Eagle upgrades cheaper…

There’s also the prospect of adding or expanding regional units. For example, I’ve proposed making slingers a regional unit that would be available to other South American civs (Muisca, Chimus). Canoes as regional warships has been suggested many times. And variations of existing units are possible, like a regional variant of the Eagle for civs north of Mesoamerica, if they were ever to be added (very controversial, IK), or a regional monk unit.

There are some constraints in terms of making believable and fitting civs, but there are at least 4 that, in my opinion, are pretty low-hanging in that regard (Chimus, Muisca, Purépechas, Mapuche). At the end of the day, the real constraint is the glacial pace of civ addition, rather than any design constraint.


All non-american civs without cavalry is a design idea for America. There are tons of options.


That’s a nice idea. But you know what’s cooler? How about making the Bolas Warrior a regional unit of the South American civs (I know a lot of ancient South American peoples used this weapon) and maybe give the Bolas Warriors a sort of unique snare ability, like making the targeted enemy unit immobile for a few seconds? Or maybe simply decreasing the enemy unit’s speed?

i.e. I’m not talking about the Bolas Warrior from AoE 3, I’m thinking that maybe we could create a new Bolas Warrior in AoE 2 and make it the regional unit for South American civs, while the Incas can keep their Slingers.

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Waaaaay over the AoE2 timeframe, for AoE3 it would be cool tho

Chimú would be my pick, Naval based, which none of the other Americas civs are (Incas aren’t meso btw)


Nah Lautaro would fit perfectly for a Mapuche campaign. It’s probably one of those civs you can add in both games like the Aztecs or Persians (from aoe1).

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Yeah, it’s really not that far fetched. IIRC the Japanese and Korean Historical Battles as well as Lepanto happened afterwards. But the iconic aspects of the civ are extremely backloaded and come very late in the timeline. My biggest issue with the civ design is that I don’t think they should have gunpowder/cav before Imp, but I’d struggle to come up with defining units and features before then. Of the four I listed, it’s easily the most questionable, but also arguably one of the coolest. Still, an intriguing concept, and minor timeline extensions are always possible to help them fit more comfortably. Realistically though, I don’t think we’re getting more American civs for at least a couple years, and Chimu and Purépechas would be my first choices.

Well one such way would be the eagle civ without elite upgrades playing around that with advantages elsewhere. But its not like you cant have other archer/eagle or infantry eagle civs. We have a bunch of civs that are gunpowder or cav archers and w dont have special units after all. Thats a little simplistic and its not my fault you cant think of anything


What about can do stables only in Imperial, but gets free cavalier? No other civ has free cav, right?

I’d like a dlc on Asia above everything else. Caucasus would be okay though.


In terms of civs and architecture, I’m guessing that the two new civs are the Armenians and Georgians. I’m hoping they have a new architecture set, but they probably won’t, so I’m guessing the Armenians have the Eastern European architecture (because Armenian architecture is largely dark red in color), and the Georgians will have the Central European set (because the CE Monastery is literally Georgian, and there’s also a superficial resemblance between the two types of architecture).

To be honest, I would keep them having no stable but add a cavalry based UU who’d have such good stats that it wouldn’t need Blacksmith armour upgrades. The UU could e.g. be some kind of semi-light cav which regenerates and have some kind of attack bonus vs villagers and gunpowders, reflecting the feats of the Mapuche vs Incas and the Spanish.