If they added new Campaigns and Historic Battles (Poll)

Which existing Civilizations would you like to see get a campaign centered around it?
Multiple Choices are allowed.

  • Britons
  • Byzantines
  • Celts
  • Chinese
  • Franks
  • Goths
  • Japanese
  • Mongols
  • Persians
  • Saracens
  • Teutons
  • Turks
  • Vikings
  • Aztecs
  • Huns
  • Koreans
  • Mayans
  • Spanish
  • Incas
  • Indians
  • Italians
  • Magyars
  • Slavs
  • Berbers
  • Ethiopians
  • Malians
  • Portuguese
  • Burmese
  • Khmer
  • Malay
  • Vietnamese
  • Bulgarians
  • Cumans
  • Lithuanians
  • Tatars

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First of all delete Dracula campaign because Vlachs don’t exist in the game but I’d like that if all civs had at least 1 campaign


So basically add 1 for
Britons, Japanese, Persians, Turks, Vikings, Koreans, Mayans, Magyars, Slavs, and Lithuanians.


I think that the lithuanians are the ones who need a campaign asap without a doubt.

Another way to approach the campaigns is making the campaign not about a “leader” or a person, but to a conflict (many civs in a campaign) or a entire kingdom instead (single civ).

For example, instead of a campaign about one leader and one civ (for example Nogai Khan and the mongols), make the campaign about the second mongol invasion of Europe and design the scenarios about the hungarians, bulgars and slavs and polish (lithuanians or magyars) defending and driving away the mongol force.

Or make them like the Bari campaign, many battles from may different times about the origin, rise and (or not) fall of a kingdom/empire/city. Lithuanians and their conflicts with mongols, muscovites, the teutonic order and tartars comes to mind.

This also deals with a problem that the Sundjata, Jugith and Sforza campaigns have. You are fighting against a single civilization almost the entire campaign.


frankly not a fan of this style. i enjoy campaigns where i play as a single civilization start to finish. furthermore its a great way to introduce new players to the civs without the pressure of MP.

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Lithaunians absolutely since they have nothing at all.

Celts kind of trigger me due to how… basic their campaign (okay makes sense for a tutorial but Art of War exists as an extended one) is but I attribute that due to their history becoming less and less eventiful. Like, I think they would shine better in AoE1 when they were mostly Pagans (plus they migrated to large swathes of Europe). Tricky one but they are a favourite of mine to play as.

As much as I’d like Japan to have a campaign, it’d largely be Japanese vs Japanese which would be pretty boring. Koreans on the otherhand would diversiy it a bit by having Mongols, Chinese and Japanese all being an enemy at some point. It doesn’t even have to be Koreans ‘winning’ per se, it could just be about the survival of the Korean people in their homeland which is what they mostly did when the Mongols, Ming and Japanese clans constantly threatened, vassalised, occupied, reduced to a tributary state and eventually invaded.

Britons, Persians, Turks, Chinese and Viking nations seem to have rich histories so it’d be difficult to pinpoint what eras but they could all use something other than one or two scenarios. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind more Historical Battles from select eras. Vikings were more active during the ransacking of the British Isles so would probably focus on that front + the voyage to Greenland, though that’s sort of covered by Vinlandsaga, I guess.


Celts is an intro to campaigns and game basics.
Art of war is an intro into multi-player. Two sides of the same coin. But very different

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Not really.
The Scotts and the English had massive wars for centuries, buth in the Middle Ages and after them.

The history of the Celts was geographically reduced, but remains a huge part of UK history.

In fact, the British Empire would not be possible without the anexation of Scotland and Ireland, and they were the test model for future English colonization.

The last thing we need is another campaign with the Brits as the bad guys

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True, but as it relates to Celts, they did not disappear from History at all.

You could say they were never an Empire, and that their peak was the Iron Age, and even that they are only in the game because of Braveheart; all of which are true.
But to say they disappeared from History, or had no presence in the Middle Ages and beyond, is false.

A lot of european culture is owed to the Celts, from traditional farming techniques, to animal and wind powered Mills, to styles of dressing, folklore, armaments, music and even religion; Celtic cultures is surprisingly very much alive.

The very iconic Shields and Armour of the Romans was appropriated from the Gauls, for example.

The late Medieval Broadsword, the Targe and Buckler shields, the Cutlass, the Lochabber and Galloglaich axes, the Claymore; all are Celtic in origin.

Even the word “Reaver”, popular in sci-fi and fantasy settings, is Celtic.
The word for dog, in Portuguese, Cão, comes from the gaellic Cún.

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That’s what I mean though, the Celts never really had an empire and during the Medieval period, largely confined themselves to the British Isles and had battle mostly against the English. English vs Celts and perhaps Vikings would be kinda boring. But what else did they have apart from that?

I’m not saying they disappeared, it’s just that they had more relevance during antiquity I feel. Celtic culture certainly got around as I pointed out where they reached various European lands, but other than that, what else did they do in the Medieval era aside from constantly battling the English?

-Scottish Guard as the elite guard of several kings of France.
-Several crusaders.
-Translating the Bible and several Latin texts into gaellic and english.
-Huge Irish presence in the Reconquista.
-Attempted Moorish invasion of Ireland.
-Significant role in stopping the Danelaw from overtaking the whole Emeral Isles.
-Being one of the first peoples to stop Heavy Cavalry charges with the application of Pikes.
-Inventing the Schiltron formation.

Chinese need a campaign. It is historically the largest civilization but it doesn’t have a proper campaign in this game, it feels so bad.


Chinese are one of my top 2 choices for a campaign, and always have been


We need more campaings with Brits as the bad guys.

You can already beat them with celts and franks. Just how much punishment do you think that brits deserve?

Chinese Campaign - Rise and Expansion of the Tang Dynasty - Restoring order to China, interactions in Vietnam, Korea, defeating the Gokturks, and then fighting against the Tibetans and Arabs in Central Asia.
Celtic Campaign - Maybe either something on Brian Boru or Llewellyn of Gwynedd?

Japan and Korea are trickier. But something for Korea set in the Three Kingdoms of Korea period.
For Japan, the Sengoku Jidai period seems the most feasible, involving Christianity, the Portuguese and invading Korea from Japanese perspective.

For the Persians, I think the invasions of Chosroes II would be a good option. Good interactions with Roman,s Turks, Huns.

For the Vikings, something on Ragnar Lothbrok, or maybe something on Harald Haadrada or Canute might be good.

For the Turks, Filthydelphia has done something on the Seljuks already, but that could be expanded into a full six scenario campaign I think. Else, the rise of Osman and the Ottoman rise, spoke by the person of Ertugrul :stuck_out_tongue:

Lithuania would likely have to be focussed on the fight against the Teutonic Order I guess.

Hoping we will get an expansion focussed on some new civilisations - Tibetans, Siamese, Caucasians (Armenians, Georgians), another East African civilisation and another European one (?) - Poles/Vlachs and that could be the window to add the new campaigns too.


The Three Kingdoms of Korea saw Chinese, Japanese and Mongol/Jurchen involvements. Sengoku Jidai could see presence of Dutch/Portuguese.

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A japanese campaign that would not end up being “the same civs on every mission” must involve both mongol invasions (and their chinese and korean vassals). Before of after that, they could add one of the many civil wars and conflicts with pirates.
Also, with the vikings they could take advantage of the popularity from the series Vikings or Vinland Saga (like they did with William Wallace on the first release).