If they take restrictions from avx i buy it

I dont think i need change my pc only for play age of empires 4, but if devs take restrictions off i buy this game i hope they take it off


Are you referring to the graphics quality? There are ways to override it.

Avx instruction i am from Brazil and cpu here is very expensive i go use 1000 reais to play age, 200 game + 800 cpu, i save this money to get my ps5 hahaha

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He’s referring to the underlying architecture that determines how modern CPUs handle math and simultaneous calculations. Basically, you need a CPU that released in 2011 or later. Pretty generous for a new rts game, a genre notorious for heavy CPU use.

Sorry OP, I feel your pain. I’ve been there. But…you need a new PC.


Good to know - looked up AVX after you mentioned it. Thanks!

Yes i know next year i get new cpu this year im saving for my ps5 and there age go have discount hahaha

Not a bad plan! Sadly, this sort of thing isn’t a simple toggle. They would basically have to redo most of the game and gut the engine to bring down the minimum specs to pre-AVX

What CPU do you have that doesn’t support AVX but can support AoE IV?

Intel Core i5-6300U was released in 2015 (CPU in minimal requirements).
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX, also known as Sandy Bridge New Extensions) are extensions to the x86 instruction set architecture for microprocessors from Intel and AMD proposed by Intel in March 2008 and first supported by Intel with the Sandy Bridge[1] processor shipping in Q1 2011

2011 was 10 years ago. I don’t think changing a cpu once per dacade is outrageous, compared what was happening in 2000s, not to mention 90s.
IV might be a bad example since it doesn’t have groundbreaking visuals, but AVX is not a gpu-related technology, so visuals do not matter.
Things move forward and things like that are expected, even though they have become more and more rare.

It’s a tech related to CPU infrastructure, it’s not something that have been chosen by the Devs to make you angry. I’m afraid it won’t change so you can go ahead and buy PS5.
I remember I finally had to abandon Windows98 for XP on all my PCs because AoE III didn’t support it.


Haha yesh I had to end up cancelling my preorder as well. If I get any news they’re fixing it then im buying the game that very second but otherwise it’s a no go.
Really hope they fix things!

I’ll buy it if they make it work on my game boy advance


This is not entirely correct. I have an intel Pentium GPU from 2017 and it doesn’t have AVX support.

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That’s what you’d expect.
Intel sold Pentium CPUs much longer that don’t have AVX but still have more performance than the Minimal Requirements for AoE4.
If someone just compares benchmarks they’d believe that their CPU is more than good enough for AoE4.
That can even affect people that bought a new computer last year.
Those CPUs where the go to for budget gaming computers for years.


It’s pretty clear in the requirements no?
Also isn’t a Pentium CPU magnitudes worse than an i5-6300U?
You’re very clearly not playing under the minimum requirements if you attempt to use a processor like that.


How much ram and what gpu does it have?
Also what cpu do you have?

The problem is not cpu example at usa is very cheap but in brazil a old cpu is much expensive half month work to buy a old cpu

But how is that a fault or a problem caused by developers? It’s a decade-old technology tied with cpu development. It’s not Nvidia FleX that can be turned off in the options menu. I’m not sure you know what AVX even is.

How would they even ‘fix’ it? It’s not a bug.
Change the engine?
Force Intel and AMD to backtrack to 2011 and scrap all processors made in recent years?

Yes PC components are expensive because of many factors, but that is not an argument here. It sucks there are not enough chips to go around etc. but that is not something that would justify expecting developers to include very old hardware with outdated technology.

Again, what is your processor model?

My last CPU before 2011 was 2008 Core2Duo E8400 and I wouldn’t dare to say a word to anyone demanding newest releases to support it.
Age of Empires IV is one game. Nobody is forcing you to buy new CPU. Just wait till you can play it. There are hundreds of f2p games around and many, many more normal ones that do not require AVX.


Welcome to the developing world where we can barely afford basic necessities.
Much less fast internet or good PCs.

However the fact you are saving up for PS5 shows that you’ve made a decision.

Seems like the added the mention of AVX. (Unless I just forgot it was always there)

There are CPUs that are better than an i5 6300U that don’t have AVX.
This CPU was released last year!

Those Pentium CPUs were very popular for budget gaming computers.
The low core count isn’t much of an issue because till recently barely any games even utilised 4 cores.

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It seems regardless of how recently they get released, Pentium and Celeron CPUs just don’t support AVX.

Well at least they have it listed in minimum requirements I guess.

It’s good that they added it.

I don’t know how deeply integrated AVX is in the game engine and how much performance you would lose without it. Because being able to disable it would help a lot of people to be able to play it.

Just removing AVX might worsen the performance for everyone else.