If they take restrictions from avx i buy it

It is also not running on M1 because of AVX. I have a MacBook Pro 16gb m1 that is capable of running all age games (and many others) pretty well but couldn’t aoe4 because of AVX.

I am not a hard core gamer, I use the Mac to work (it is an awesome machine) and play aoe2 sometimes. I also have a Xbox console. Wouldn’t make sense to buy a gaming pc only to play aoe4.

I think that’s the case of many others too (RTS fans are not always hard core gamers). Hope they can make a patch to run without AVX.

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AVX is used for features such path finding so it can’t be disabled.

This tool might help if you have intel processor without AVX.

I still hope they will release it on a cloud gaming service as well, I also wouldn‘t buy a win machine just for the game.

What’s your CPU? Core 2 quad? This is very old (although you do well in Esports games).

I also live in Brazil, imported my I7 from China. If buying used comes cheaper. New hardware is american stuff.

Will AGE IV come to GeForce Now?

dont mislead ppl.
It can, they just need to compile it for “non AVX computers”. It’s easy.
But should be tested /supported and checked, probably they dont want to spend time on it for now.

PS it’s too selfish to say “good they added AVX”, if they did not add it → nothing will change for you.
Drop performance for No AVX?
may be but u never know the difference and u cant even “estimate” it, can be 10% or 200% (200% - took from some tests).
and even 200% can be compensated by higher freq of CPU.


This is not disabling feature. This is replacing feature.

Making the request of “disable AVX” much more demanding task than what something like “disable PhysX” would be.

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how can you say that? How do you know how a game design and the final outcome can change after something like that?
You’re trying to come up with an argument based on complete speculation.

I can’t see anyone in this thread, that is in favor of changing this to accommodate very old CPUs, presenting any real arguments about how and why this could and should change. Don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t think you’re an engineer from Intel, so let’s not say what can be ‘just done’ when it comes to CPU architecture and game engines.

All I see are pleads ‘I want to run this game on my old processor’. It’s not illegal to want that but let’s be realistic for a second. This a tech available in CPUs since 2011. Game needs Windows10. What computer configs do you people have?
It’s old stuff, with much less potential for outrage than demanding from players having gfx card supporting RT.

I’d love to see Steam stats that could show % of users that do not have CPUs supporting this.
If somebody is rolling with 10+ year-old CPU but willing to buy a new AAA-priced game at launch… maybe priorities are a bit off.

People could be using last year CPU’s and still not have AVX.
Look under Instruction Set Extensions to find which processors do and which don’t have AVX.

So it’s not that uncommon to have a CPU without AVX.
Sadly Stem charts won’t show users CPU, only their GHz so it’s hard to tell how many CPUs are left out.

But regardless, such a big demand as “make the game work without AVX” is highly unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon (if ever), so don’t get your hopes up.

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Of course, there is such a huge number of components on PC market that you can always find examples of something.
But isn’t this a CPU for tablets and such devices? And certianly not something from gaming CPU line.

Hell, I can even buy new boxed, unused dual core CPUs, or graphic cards with 1GB of VRAM.
Microsoft or Relic is not doing that to enrage people, if they could change that to avaoid any issues- they would by now.

i learnt about instruction.
It can be compiled for both avx and not avx.
As games compiled for Xbox/PS4/Mac. Same story, need a little bit more work.

Nothing wrong to ask devs to support “Not AVX CPUs”. It’s misleading to say “they cant do it”. They can. If number of people are big to ask, may be they consider to review it.

it’s like build game for Mac…a little bit simpler…
Anyway, i just wrote that it’s possible and request can take place and be understandable.
And i dont understand ppl who saying “it cant be done and dont ask”.

Also, in my opinion Devs themselves lowered the bar for graphics…so expectation are understandable that u can run the game on old computers.

They can do everything, including remaking AoE IV for smartphones as a visual novel. How much it will cost, how much time it will take, what elements of the game will have to be adjusted? It’s an endless speculation, still not providing any real arguments.
You can release a game that requires DX9.0c instead of 11. And? How is that any argument when it comes to demanding such changes from a developer?

Can you run it, what CPU do you have?

In this thread I see one guy from Brazil, and user Arseneic, saying that CPUs are costly there. How many players do you think are also having this problem?


Its not a one off CPU.
It is all of the Pentium and Celeron series which lack the AVX instruction set.
That one was the latest and most expensive CPU I could find which lacked the AVX instruction set.

There are many more, all the processor in the lists below do not have AVX.

Intel® Celeron® Processors - View Latest Generation Celeron Processors
Intel® Pentium® Silver Processors - View Latest Generation Pentium...
Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor Series Product Specifications

@ SugaryGraph1416
My main point was that it is far more complicated than just disabling a feature, so people should not get their hopes up because it is far less likely to happen than what some people might expect.

I’m not saying it’s one off.
Pentium Gold is a budget-level Intel CPU line, aimed for overtaking Celerons.
Budget. We are talking about gaming.

Same with Silver. It’s a Pentium line. You can list 100 buget, low basket models and it still doesn’t matter here.

And we are talking about a game that has graphics from 2012, so the low budget computer are included in the target audience.

  1. What?
    What does the level of visual presentation have to do with this?
    It’s CPU tech, not GPU.
  2. Are you REALLY sure it looks 2012?
  3. How does simple stylized visuals translate into budget gaming? Just because textures are pastel and less detailed doesn’t mean they are aiming at people with very old computers.
  4. Pentiums are not budget gaming CPUs. They are just budget, low power units not meant for modern gaming, not on this level.

So now the pitch is ‘it looks old and simple’? Please let’s be serious.

I’m asking third or fourth time- what CPUs in your computers do you have that can’t run this game? Two users mentioned they can’t but didn’t say anything about PC specs.

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Pentium processors can be used for gaming just fine.

And for most people in third world countries and other low GDP countries the Pentium can be a good choice for a gaming PC.

Going for esport and not featuring any high detail effects do indicate that this game should work on lower end computers.

I don’t have any problems, I have Ryzen 5700x.

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u need to learn how callback function works for any CPU. I cant teach that to u on the forum.
(still trying lol ) super simple: with avx calculations can be done in one tact( 2x2+2x4 +… +2x2 ) → result, without it can be done in chains → ( 2x2 → 2x4 → … → 2x2) → result.
It can be replaced on level of libraries.
They have COH2 so it’s probably already done in low level code. It just should be tested.

But considering how they cutting the corners with “project tiles”/“hotkeys” etc → they dont have time.

For me:
“please add Mac support” — legit request.
Turn off AVX instructions – completely same story.

completely different story. it’s the architecture change.
instruction is one part of architecture.

Too many ppl who defend devs saying that some feature is “impossible”, and requesters should shut up and never ask.

It can be asked and should be requested.

Every processor can be used for ‘gaming’. I didn’t say you can’t run games on Pentiums, but it really doesn’t help to answer any questions.
And for most people in third world countries and other low GDP countries the Pentium can be a good choice for a gaming PC.
What gives you the idea Microsoft is aiming at players from the ‘third world’ and why are they obliged to make sure their games run even on the most basic, budget CPUs?
Of course, you can be ‘gaming’ on an Intel Pentium processor. Just not this with game by the looks of it.

Going for esport and not featuring any high detail effects do indicate that this game should work on lower end computers.
AoE IV is not a very resource-demanding game, and it runs on low-end PCs- it does work on lower end computers. But Pentium Silver and Gold and not really taken into consideration when buying new, cheap processors. Certainly not in markets where games generate income- USA, UK, Germany etc.
Just because they can run games is not a legal obligation for devs that they should make sure their games run on ALL these models. Who can say they shouldn’t utilize this technology? Who can say how low the bar can be set?

I don’t have any problems, I have Ryzen 5700x.
Then what are you arguing about?
I’m sorry people are living in as you said ‘third world’ but we are talking about luxury hobby that is gaming. Why game design should be focused on these people as a primary group?
It’s rather obvious it’s not an important source of income for these companies.

There is countless number of free and F2P games that can be run on so-called potato machines. This is a ~60$ game from Microsoft. Sorry but using third-word economies to explain game design just doesn’t add up here.

People are allowed to demand it, but so far the only practical argument why they should rebuild AoE IV and remove this technology requirement is from one guy from Brazil ‘pc parts are expensive here’. And I get it - if you gather few thousand replies on this forum there is a chance somebody will look into it.
Game will be out in few weeks so sorry but it’s just too late for that.

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Top it off they literally said they’d rather use their money on a PS5 than a new pc component rn.
They’ve literally made a cost judgement here xD.


Applesilicongames.com has a great list of all games Running smooth on M1 CPU (which is brand new and very powerful). It is hard to see AoE 4 graphics and not think it would run perfectly if it was not blocking non-AVX cpus.

So it is not about 10 years old cpus but also recent processors like M1, Pentium and celeron. Not sure if it is a smart choice given that most games run well on those.

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