If we do get 3 new Indian Civs, which ones would you pick?

I totally understood what you said, but I strongly don’t want the number of civilizations in the game to expand indefinitely. The world outside the Indian subcontinent also has many more worthy civilizations.

My predictions are based solely on the assumption that we will most likely only get 2 new South Asian civilizations. If there are the Bengalis as the East and Buddhist representative, and only one civ for the South and Hindu representative, using “Dravidians” is definitely better to cover the region and peoples than using “Tamils”. So do the current Indian civilization for the Northwest and Muslim Indians.

Religion shouldn’t be taken into account to draw lines between civs, especially when you arbitrarily mix it with geography. With your way of doing things, how do you represent the hindu from the west, buddhist from the south or muslim from the east? The Indian subcontinent was far from clear cut in terms of religion.

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Religion takes precedence. For example the Sinhalese, whose Buddhist beliefs allow them to be legally covered by the Bengalis better than Dravidians and current Indians, if there is no their civilization.

Sinhalese were Theravada Buddhist, Pala era Bengalis were Mahayana Buddhist. Those are two very contrasting categories.

To summarize the three types of buddhism:
Theravada was the first form of buddhism which directly followed buddhas teaching. It spread in South East Asia and Sri Lanka during Maurya Period. Theravada means school of the elders.
Mahayana did some integration of Local Mythological Creatures, developing in Pala Bengal and spreading into East Asia (China Korea Japan) further integrating their local mythological characters. Mahayana means greater vehicle. Mahayana calls Theravada as Hinayana which means inferior vehicle.
Vajrayana developed in Tibet from Mahayana when it felt it has gone way too much off-track and tried to reform back to older buddha’s ways. It spread in Mongolia and Tibet by the Lamas. Vajrayana means diamond vehicle.

Hinduism is not homogenous either. There is Shaktism in Bengal, Lingayatism in Karnataka, Cult of Jagannath in Odisha and so on.

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I don’t mean to be rude, but, as others have pointed out, your argument doesn’t make any sense. For example, Bengalis weren’t Buddhist for all of the AoE2 timeline, what about the Bengal Sultanate? Going by religion doesn’t work, and it’s not how things have ever been done in the game before. And, as I’ve said, you can’t represent a people and the people who invaded them as one entity together. That’s just wrong in every sense. The Spanish and the Berbers aren’t the same, neither are the Koreans and the Japanese. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I only want a couple Indian civs for now, then focus on the rest of the world, so let’s just add Bengalis and Tamils”, but suggesting that distinct, diverse and unique cultures can just be grouped together like you’re suggesting is very, very wrong. It’s much better just to leave gaps to be or not to be filled by future civs. Don’t want Kannadigas to be their own civ yet? Fine, leave that region blank. Nothing wrong with that, not every civ can be added at once. I just don’t think you comprehend the diversity of India. Would it be alright to have only three European civs called “Franks”, “Latins” and “Slavs”?


To me it feels like representing Vlachs with Franks as both were Christians.

Why not add 10 new Indian civs? Not like South Asia isn’t already represented enough. :joy:
If we start adding sub-civs only based on minor differences in religion or culture we will need at least as many new civs as there are already in game.

If we really got another Indian civ I hope they move the War Elephant from Persians to either Indian civ and give the Persians an appropriate UU like a shamshir Cataphract instead, because their current one makes little sense.

I Don’t see many people realistically asking for this. those who have in the past largely got laughed at.

but most fans of India getting more love have seemed reasonable asking for 2 or 3 more civs, Which given the region in question, seems more then reasonable.

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I saw some asking for 3-5 new ones which would basically mean copies of nearly identical Indian civs.
Personally believe that 1 or 2 additional Indian civs would be more than reasonable and enough.

4-5 would be excessive imho, 2 or 3 not so much.

Hm imagine 4-6 Indian civs in game, absurd. :sweat_smile:

why would 4 be problematic? they easily had 8 or more empires during the timeframe in question. I doubt 4 happens, but I also wouldn’t be against it.

Thats literally how Europe gets treated.

And like, no. Theres a lot of diferent and unique civs that could be made in India. More than 6 would be excessive, but 6 could be added (not that it should)


You are asking for a total of 7 Indian civs? :rofl: At least I know who isn’t to be taken seriously here.

Also, Europe in the Middle Ages isn’t even comparable in diversity to the similar Indian empires, Western and Eastern Europe were like different continents at that time buddy.

Calling them similar just shows you havent looked at India at all. You think two Indian civs is fine but the Balkans need 6 civs?

Its just a third of what Europe has (who is not three times as diverse ffs) and the current Indian civ fails to represent well anyone outside the Mughals.

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As much as I want just a couple more European civs, what we have already compared to the rest of the world is absurd. India is just as diverse as Europe, and just as culturally distinct as Europe. You cannot have the European representation we have and deny the same treatment for India, SEA, China, Mesoamerica, or Africa. Even if that leads to an “absurd” amount of civs.

(Agreed) And I think it represents the pre-Mughal Indian Sultanates quite well too. It’s basically the Muslim NE India umbrella civ in my eyes, which cover both.


@CloudAct ନମସ୍କାର। ଆପଣଙ୍କର ପ୍ରତୀକ୍ଷା ଥିଲା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କୁ, ଆପଣ ଫୁଣି ନିଜର ଦର୍ଶନ ଦେଇ ଆମୁକୁ ଧନ୍ୟ କରି ଦେଲେ !

Tbh I think the focus on camels and gunpowder can mostly represent only the Mughals but outside that maybe you are right

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This sentence I cant even translate with google 11