If we ever get a Campaign overhaul they should completely replace the chinese campaign

The whole thing is based on a book by a conspiracy theorist that thought China ignited the renaissance in Italy and that Minoans had an intercontinental empire that stretched all the way from India to America.

I’m not opposed to fiction, but blatantly racist revisionist fiction is another thing entirely.


What is ‘racist’ for Christ’s sake?!

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The issue is that since there was no Aztec campaign in TWC, they were included as antagonists in the Chinese campaign based on the hypothesis of 1421…

Chinese campaign would be better suited of what was the transition from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty

I’d leave those campaigns (as in the Chinese one, as well as the Knights after the fountain of youth…) in for what they are - a bit of fictious fun.

What would be great however, would be some more, full-blown historical ones!

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Yes, they could do a historical battle similar to Poyang Lake but for AoE 3 where the Qinq conquered the Ming in 1644…

Sure, those campaigns are based on AoM’s trident campaign…

Yes, although the Fire (American Revolutionary War), Japan (Japan Unification) and India (Sepoy Rebellion and Fall of Mughal Empire) campaigns are not bad as historical campaigns… until I played the Indian campaign in 2007 I didn’t know about the Sepoy Rebellion and the fall of the Mughal Empire (Babur’s campaign in AoE 2 would be the rise of the Mughal Empire)…


Okay now, sit down…


Attributing the achievements of one culture to another culture and claiming that other culture to be superior. Which is what those books are about.

This is not that book, this is a game. You are free to privately make whatever assumptions you want, but that doesn’t give you the right to say nonsensical things like that publicly.
No, it’s not ‘racist’. Stop using words you don’t know the meaning of and most importantly- stop politicizing it this way, insulting the developers along the way.

You are ignorant and you’re allegations make no sense and have no base in reality.


The logic in this is similar to one that led to questionable name usage, such as renaming Plantations to Estates, or unpersoning Andrew Jackson (which whas eventually reverted).

Yes, the Chinese campaign needs updating content-wise (why are the Aztecs there still Pirates?! why is the Temple asset still broken?!). But the narrative and gameplay designs do a perfectly serviceable job for an apocryphous storyline.