If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

Your idea is good, but let’s not get confused. New functions or mechanics in general. I’ll paste your proposal in my other forum.


Oh! lo siento vale déjame pensar…

1: Que una mejora de murallas y cartas de fortalezas y castillos (para todas las civilizaciones) les permita hacer que ese tipo de edificios defensivos puedan tener armadura contra ataques de asedio.

2: El poder saquear bases enemigas (cuando arrases edificios poder robar un porcentaje de recursos) una táctica que sea rentable cuando se juegue todos contra todos y recuperes
parte de lo invertido en ese saqueo.

//El modo de juego regicida (ya esta en el juego pero solo en un mapa y me gustaría que se pudiese jugar en muchos mas)

// Un modo de juego de asalto de puestos comerciales, que ocupes unidades solamente forajidas (dependiendo del tipo de mapa serán forajidos africanos, americanos o asiáticos), en este modo de juego lucharas por sobrevivir y mantendrás a tu pandilla de forajidos sobreviviendo mientras luchas por los recursos mientras mas consigues mas fuertes te harás a tus rivales y podrás arrasar con las demás pandillas y hacerte con el monopolio del negocio sucio de criminales (se suena raro pero me parece curiosa esa idea)

lamento si no se me ocurrieron muchos aspectos de mecánicas señor, tengo poca imaginación parece ser xd.

oh y el 4 recurso europeo podrían ser especias, un recurso capaz de permitirles reclutar nativos y que con este recurso permita mejoras tanto en el numero de nativos que puedes entrenar como el daño de estos (aunque me gustaria que no se viese tan similar a lo de los asiaticos)


I love the idea of customization of explorer skills, also the vision in maps day or night


Pronto transformare AOE3:DE en BFME2 :smiling_imp:

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No se si cuenta como una mecánica nueva pero.

Que tal si los pudiéramos elegir aldeanos para que, independientemente de lo que estén haciendo, recolecten automáticamente alimento del ganado engordado (siempre que estén cerca) y luego reanuden lo que estaban haciendo inicialmente.

Para los jugadores competitivos y no tan competitivos, esto seria un sueño hecho realidad (menos micro gestión)


I got some ideas:
-Allowing cattle to generate food over time in livestock pens and similars.
-Specialized Estates/Farms
-A Randomize Hero Name button
-A AoM styled stats page for all units and buildings

  • Flagships. Naval Hero units that provide morale bonuses for nearby allied units.
  • Infertile terrains. This one might be controversial, but it would be interesting if in some maps you couldn’t build farms unless you find a patch of green fertile earth. This could make desert, island and snowy maps much more interesting as the players are forced to change their strategy and find different ways to gather food and gold in the late game.
  • A map selection screen that features a world map and you select the map type by clicking on whatever region on want to play in.

Science? Coal? Faith? Political Power? I can’t think of something that fit the game without being too gimmicky. I don’t think a new fourth resource is really necessary. Perhaps the devs could retroactively give the “exports” mechanic to european nations as a special currency to hire mercenaries and unique units or bonuses from other civs. This would be tough to do without messing with the balance and not making the Asian nations feeling less unique.

Not sure about the Imperial cards, but it definitly could be fun to have larger decks options for casual play.

If people keep deleting pillars to save a few bucks on walls, they might as well make it free…

I think that the trade routes are a much better mechanic and more period appropriate that the old school trade carts. Perhaps the devs could add a mechanic where markets somehow benefit from being built near trade routes…

Everything else seems pretty reasonable.

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Ranked team games in lobby, being able to see players decks in lobby, being able to sort by games in lobby by the available slots and status of your friends easily accessible.

Fix / add these first

These changes will go a long way compared to other features suggested here


I am aware that it would be very difficult to implement. That is why I was not able to propose how.

For the treated mode most of all it would be good.

This without replacing the current mode. We would have 2 ways to trade.

As in AOE-4, being able to choose the biome?

I have also thought about cattle:

At least extend the limit a bit.

It is a pretty useless building. Maybe you can build a wall in a linear way, and only include the pillars in the corners.

The option to age up to imperial with a wonder for all the civilizations.

-In this way, wonders for all the civilizations can be included.

-Each wonder gives some bonus as the Asian wonders. If chosen, this bonus replaces the other imperial politician’s age up bonuses. Those wonder bonuses may not be exclusive and some of them can be shared among some civilizations (making things easier for the developers).

-Maybe (just maybe) the wonder can be reconstructed if destroyed at cheaper price.

-Some adjustments can be made for the Asian wonders for balance reasons.

-This wonder age up mechanic can be implemented in an Asian related expansion (makes more sense)


You know the map artwork that appears when you’re loading the game? These maps:

Imagine if they were the map selection screen instead. You click on the map to choose where to play instead of picking from a drop-down list.


It would be a nice touch. Although I would also like the ‘Choose biome’ system that AOE-4 has, where you choose the type of environment and ecosystem, and also choose the type of relief.

It would be nice to be able to configure in custom games:
The size of the map.
The amount of game, trees and mines.
The population limit (Up to 300).
The mersenarios that may be available.
The number of natives available, and the type of natives.
The number of trade routes and trading posts.
The amount of treasures.

It would also be good if they added game modes that have never been official:

Lost. (You start alone with the explorer on a strange and giant map and you must collect treasures in order to build the urban center.

The game mode ‘colosseum’


It would be much more convenient and more transparent.

I think it would be nice to see new Politicians portraits adapted to each European civ - their functions as well.

Germans civ could have HRE Electors and Brits civ could have Lords for example.


I agree with choosing biomes, like in AOE 4.

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In fact this function would be better in AOE-3, than in AOE-4 (Unfortunately). Because even the base game of AOE-3 is more diverse in fauna and flora than in AOE-4.

I would like the loading screens to have tips or fun facts.

Or as it happened in the main page of ESO where it showed the friends available in green, curious historical data.

I would like the developers to do little in-game surveys, or make simple announcements of something they have in mind or the like. (Some games do).


Que tal si los animales pudieran repoblar como en Empire Earth.
La idea seria que cada manadas de animales estén limitadas por población, mientras sobreviva uno de la especie la manada puede repoblar, pero sin pasar su limite de población.
Ademas existen bisontes en su etapa infantil, ¿porque no también los demás animales?

El sistema de crecimiento de los animales podría estar relacionado con el alimento que dan, similar a la mecánica de los animales de corral.


All of the suggestions above plus Reveal Map settings like the one in AoE 2 DE. I want to reveal the map whether skirmish or any game mode instead of just deathmatch.


Yes please devs add the Reveal Map settings to AoE 3 DE as well. Other suggestions here are great as well.

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