If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

You know the map artwork that appears when you’re loading the game? These maps:

Imagine if they were the map selection screen instead. You click on the map to choose where to play instead of picking from a drop-down list.


It would be a nice touch. Although I would also like the ‘Choose biome’ system that AOE-4 has, where you choose the type of environment and ecosystem, and also choose the type of relief.

It would be nice to be able to configure in custom games:
The size of the map.
The amount of game, trees and mines.
The population limit (Up to 300).
The mersenarios that may be available.
The number of natives available, and the type of natives.
The number of trade routes and trading posts.
The amount of treasures.

It would also be good if they added game modes that have never been official:

Lost. (You start alone with the explorer on a strange and giant map and you must collect treasures in order to build the urban center.

The game mode ‘colosseum’


It would be much more convenient and more transparent.

I think it would be nice to see new Politicians portraits adapted to each European civ - their functions as well.

Germans civ could have HRE Electors and Brits civ could have Lords for example.


I agree with choosing biomes, like in AOE 4.

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In fact this function would be better in AOE-3, than in AOE-4 (Unfortunately). Because even the base game of AOE-3 is more diverse in fauna and flora than in AOE-4.

I would like the loading screens to have tips or fun facts.

Or as it happened in the main page of ESO where it showed the friends available in green, curious historical data.

I would like the developers to do little in-game surveys, or make simple announcements of something they have in mind or the like. (Some games do).


Que tal si los animales pudieran repoblar como en Empire Earth.
La idea seria que cada manadas de animales estén limitadas por población, mientras sobreviva uno de la especie la manada puede repoblar, pero sin pasar su limite de población.
Ademas existen bisontes en su etapa infantil, ¿porque no también los demás animales?

El sistema de crecimiento de los animales podría estar relacionado con el alimento que dan, similar a la mecánica de los animales de corral.


All of the suggestions above plus Reveal Map settings like the one in AoE 2 DE. I want to reveal the map whether skirmish or any game mode instead of just deathmatch.


Yes please devs add the Reveal Map settings to AoE 3 DE as well. Other suggestions here are great as well.

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Thanks for the link.

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Maybe more than 50 units that can be selected, 100 would be more than enough but if it´s too much, maybe 75, or at least 60…


A fourth resource should represent the actual alliances that civilization had with lesser nations or factions at the time.
The truth is that it does not seem too complicated for me. After all, Asians and Africans can obtain homologous technologies and units from other factions. For the US we could say that it already has its fourth resource with the unlockable cards through the states. However, they might as well have it.

It would be difficult to balance, but it would be very interesting. If in the future a DLC sits in Europe arrives, it would be the opportunity to reinvigorate these civilizations with new elements.

I think the 4th resource for European civs could be - Progress. It would be produced by Factory and Arsenal (also by the Dutch bank). The European DLC could also add new content for European civs, e.g. new Buildings (e.g. Hospital as the default European building - would heal friendly units in its vicinity. Surgeon could be trained there), new Unique Units (1-2 completely new for each civ), new mercenaries and more advanced battle formations.

In addition, the European DLC could add new architecture sets and make bigger visual differences between European civs - different variants of the same unit or building adapted to a given civ e.g. Musketeer (Unique models for each civ).

Due to the fact that the creators strive for the greatest uniqueness of the new civs, I think that the old civs should also receive new content - to make them more unique.

Let the European DLC be like TWC and TAD - lots of new content. Thematically, this DLC could focus on the period of the Napoleonic Wars. These DLCs could add three brand new European civs that were very relevant during the Napoleonic Wars period.

Finally, I will just add that these DLC would add completely new European maps with completely new Minor Nations and new Historical Battles (due to the fact that there will probably not be new Campaigns, the number of HB could be much higher - 6 new HB). The price of this DLC would be higher than the USA civ DLC and the TAR DLC but that’s understandable due to the larger content.

After the premiere of this DLC, another European DLC (more like The African Royals) could appear, adding 2 civs (Danes and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), Eastern European maps and 3 Historical Battles.

  1. Battle of Lepanto, 1571 - Spain ally with Italians* vs Ottoman Empire
  2. Battle of Gravelines, 1588 - England (British civ) vs Spain
  3. Battle of Poltava, 1709 - Russia vs Sweden
  4. Battle of Valmy, 1792 - French vs Prussia*, Austria* and Holy Roman Empire Army (Germans civ)
  5. Battle of Waterloo, 1815 - United Kingdom (British civ) ally with Prussia*, Holy Roman Empire (Germans civ) and Netherlands (Dutch civ) vs French Empire
  6. Battle of Königgrätz, 1866 - Prussia* vs Austria-Hungary* and Saxony (Germans civ)

New civs - Italians*, Austria-Hungary* and Prussians*


so denmark-norway napoleons most loyal ally.

you already know that aint going to happen.

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Historical Battles:

  1. Battle of White Mountain, 1620 - Habsburg Monarchy (Austria-Hungary civ) ally with Catholic League (Germans civ) and Spain vs Kingdom of Bohemia (Germans civ) and Electoral Palatinate (Germans civ)
  2. Battle of Vienna, 1683 - Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth ally with Habsburg Monarchy (Austria-Hungary civ) and Holy Roman Empire (Germans civ) vs Ottoman Empire and Romanians (revolutionary Russians)
  3. Battle for Copenhagen, 1801 - Denmark-Norway (Danes civ) vs United Kingdom (British civ)
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i would suggest that for Denmark they should have a historical battle called “Scanian war”, you fight vs Sweden on a timer to take all key positions in Scania, the timer representing French intervention, you can get more troops either from securing ports or from freeing Danish militia from Swedish control.

i think it would be an interesting scenario.

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I think so, but the AoE 3 timeframe was full of great and interesting battles on every continent - unfortunately it is not possible to include all the interesting European HBs in one or two DLCs. Maybe in the future there would be DLC adding only new Historical Battles - e.g. 3 HB at the same price as the USA civ DLC.

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We all want more civs but another interesting proposition is historical battles DLC. I think people would gobble these up just as much as civs. This would satiate us singleplayers and those that complain AR didn’t have a campaign.

The most frustrating thing about this game is that it is overshadowed so much by its predecessor it’ll never get the recognition from people it deserves. AoEIIIDE is a gem.

All we can hope for is more content will draw people in. We may be small in number but we are passionate. Once this upcoming civ drops I’m gonna start hounding the devs wherever possible we still want more content.