If you want walls why dont you play Arena?

Whats the point of playing open maps like arabia if you are just gonna wall them??


Because you need protection? or you want to play naked all time with just high pressure?
And walling has been nerfed like 3 times, plus the new Arabia which is more open than ever, probably the reason of why Cumans are underperfoming.


So, for you there is no midpoint between Hunos War and Fatslob?

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Because if you don’t play arabia you get Alt-f4.

Jokes aside, if you know your micro is horrible, best to stall the gamestate out and rely on long term macro to save you. Betting on your opponent to fail to apply pressure when your own pressure doesn’t exist is better than Alt-F4 at map selection.

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I feel people should stop whining over not getting Arabia and just train themselves to play on literally any other map. Arabia and Arena always my map ban selections :slight_smile:

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Just make m@a archer fwd towers every game

  1. Arena (and many other closed maps) heavily favor fc. FC essentially skips two ages in the game. Not all wallers want to not do anything interesting in dark/feudal age

  2. No walls makes slight advantages snowball much quicker. Not everyone who does not want to fc wants the game to end in feudal. Most of the units in the game are castle/imperial, so cutting off those two can really make the game less interesting.

  3. Walling is often a good move. It gives a critical delay and warning allowing non pro players to react to attacks before they are lethal.

Walls and general defensive strength are exactly what I find more enjoyable about AOE2 over other titles with more interesting combat dynamics (SC2, Red Alert 2, Warcraft 3). You get more of the chance to make counter moves rather than everything hanging on a single battle.

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I was hoping you’d mention Starcraft 1 so I could mention that walling in that game is borderline a glitch but alas, you didn’t give me the chance. So I just did it. Gotta say, not disappointed with myself.

Haha, I already think SC2 is too conservative (particularly with hotkeys; that is the other thing AOE2 has on them). I see playing SC1 the same way as playing AOE1 nowdays: only for nostalgia. They are the same game as their successor, but worse.

Go watch literally all the most popular rts games and tell me walling isn’t a common strategy period
(Starcraft2, warcraft 3, etc all walling)

It’s just not possible to have a rts without walls, it’s absurd.
I dont know why there is so much resistance vs walls, because walls just allows to have intersting fighting action instead of a ure reaiding feast.
It makes no sense to keep your military at home to protect your eco because this just opens all possibilities for your opponent and can’t lead you to a victory. Therefore, the only way to protect your eco are walls to give you time to react to the enemy agression.

Of course if you are the agressor you don’t have to wall, but if everybody is just agressive and there are no walls every game is over after 10 mins and there is no comeback potential. Everybody just ignores the enemy army and goes directly for the eco.
Wheres the point of such a game?

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You’re so right, that’s why I’m playing on Atacama. Because of those who play Arena on Arabia.

rise of nations disagrees

i don’t consider rise of nations to be a typical RTS because it has literally unlimited resources.

I want walls and I also don’t want you to have walls


I use limited walls on the initial lumber camp/stone camp with enough space inside to gather and set up a tower in each - works fairly well against rushes - walling can be good - but walling the entire area around the base is too time consuming in my opinion