I'm annoyed and "the horde" was the cause of it

I play story mode, everything is a breece but of course I’m not invincible and the moment i saw the final horde in “the horde” mission in the moskow campaign, I got excited and thought “Will i get to fight that? This is my time to shine, bring it on!” But guess what, the developers thought it would be a good idea to end it and start the cutscene as soon as all the villagers have fled and i sent in renforcment to have a last stand. I didn’t get to do ■■■■ at the end and I’m tilted because of it! Not sure how to say this in a civilised way but what “idiot” thought this was a good design decision instead of just providing an optional button to end it early!? Like you go from a midbattle frame with all buildings standing to no army or buildings standing in the cutscene just like that and you didn’t even let me see what carnage I could make. Sure, if i had beaten the army, that would make the cutscene look dumb but that’s FAR better than just abruptly ending it without giving me an option! That’s a solid 1/10 points taken away from the final score just from that missions ending alone

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