I'm disappointed

The AI still needs a lot of work. They fixed them not building trading posts on routes but now allied AI doesn’t build them on native settlements. The aggressiveness or lack thereof is still an issue as well. I came back to this game after a couple months and it doesn’t play any different even after 3 patches. The game also freezes during gameplay.

Honestly, the original played and ran better better than this. It’s too bad since this was the one I was most looking forward to. Releasing the game in such sorry state is unacceptable and while the patches are appreciated they really haven’t done much to make the overall experience better.


In all my years of Age of Empires (II and III) AI allies were always bad. And it makes sense, because if you want to play a cooperative game you can do it online.

AI is excelent and it has improved its efficiency across the hard/hardest/expert tiers. IF you have issues on the AI please make a recording and submit it as a Bug.

People complain a lot about the AI. If it is too weak for you, then up your game in a 2v1 or 3vs1

Never happened to me in more than 3 months. Are you sure its not hardware related? Perhaps if you make a recording and send this to the devs they might know what the problem is.

The original (and TWC) was also full of bugs at the beguining - and dont even let me start on the issue of Balance, since the Devs abandoned the game with the Civ’s totally unbalanced.

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They were forced to abond the game, because microsoft had said " this is the end for AOE3 "

Why are you expecting human-level play when playing with or against AI? You will not find any complex RTS game with a good AI. It is impossible. Your imagination of what AI can do, perhaps misled by all the AI hype in the media, is very misplaced.

There is only one good AI in the RTS space, and that’s AlphaStar. You are asking for the impossible. Go and play online if you want human-level gameplay.

AI in AOE is only made to improve your general skill, till you are ready to go low level multiplayer.

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AOE2 AI is pretty good and doesn’t cheat. AOE3 AI is bad and also cheat. It’s all because of the lack of effort and/or talent.

Its more the lack of money given to the devs to do more with it.
Trust me when i say that AOE2DE had more than double the ammount of money to develop than 3de.

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