I'm having randomly pc freezes

Im having randomly pc freezes

I don’t know why but I cant finish 4vs4 games because my entire pc freezes but I tested a match against AI and it’s perfectly fine. I played other games like resident evil 4 remake or counter strike 2 without issues. I’m thinking it’s related to the last patch. I have all the stuff up to date even the bios reinstalled the game cleared DX shader caché etc

Rig : r9 5900 Rx 6900 4x8GB 3200 MHz corsair vengeance PSU 1200 watts plat Corsair b450 MSI gaming plus. M.2 Intel 600 1 TB
Win 11 up to date
Any ideas?

DxDiag.txt (97,5 KB)

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Suffered the same issues and Lost 2 games last night and though technically this wasnt the sole reason i lost…it didnt help and i legit quit the game for that night (which is extremely unusual for me bc normally i can motivate myself tokeep going after suffering 9 losses in a row!!!)

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