I'm honestly done with your trash Skirmish AI

Ally AI = idles army in base, doesn’t react to events going on around the map. I get attacked, I tell him to help me out, he says he doesn’t have a ■■■■■■■ army whilst idling an army around his base doing absolutely ■■■■ all.
Ally AI = absolutely trash at everything, no matter what difficulty. Lagging in economy, training units and so on. At the same time, make the same civ my enemy and it becomes the second coming of Jesus. There’s one thing playing against different difficulty AI but that doesn’t mean my ally must be a pathetic waste of time? If I wanted 1v2 or 1v3 I’d just play that instead of bothering to add extra bots in the game. This AI is easily the worst I have EVER came across in my whole gaming years.

Also what the ■■■■ is that artillery spam going on? It’s so frustrating to play against. No human player will be able to constantly spam the field with artillery.


I’m glad you’re finally done playing skirmishes. Welcome to the online player-vs-player community. Ranked search works pretty well. Enjoy!


I switched over to Age of Empires 2 DE for skirmishes because it’s just not worth it playing skirmish for AoE3, such a waste of time. The AI isn’t perfect by any means in 2 but it’s infinitely better than 3.