I'm howling at the moon to let people know the game is managed by a COMPANY

Most criticisms about the current state of the game do not and should not direct to the actual developers, i.e. those who do the bugfixes, etc.

Obvious fact is the current support of the game is not only worse than the well-received AOE series (with two games of course), but also worse than what it received before.

If the higher management of the COMPANY moves the crew to other projects, or gives the project low priority, or has little idea of the state of the game, it is natural that the support will become worse.

This is far beyond the good will of any individual person or team. All people make mistakes. The outcome depends on the robustness of the quality assessment. It’s not that one single super dedicated and enthusiastic person could do miracle. If the team is short-handed, then more buges will be caused, fewer bugs will be fixed in time, and the communication will become poorer because nobody will have any idea what the timeline would be like. Not to mention if they are not ordered to do those things. This is what we see now.

Now who makes the team short-handed?

The game has almost doubled player base now. It is not doing as good as the well-received AOE series (with its two games), but still much better than itself before, and also much better than most other newer or older RTS titles on the market. There is definitely potential audience for this game.
The COMPANY’s decision to cut support on the game with zero communication when it is doing much better is unacceptable, and even self-contradictory. I think they owe us an explanation.

Or maybe the COMPANY does not care about how this less important game and its less important players are doing at all, then CONGRATULATIONS.


Unfortunately, these necktie wearers (those who take decisions) don’t think they owe you anything. They are the ones who decide whether the developpers can communicate or not. And you “howling at the moon” in every topic to express your frustration about the situation won’t change anything. These guys won’t read your messages and even if they did, they’d sleep well at night. Sorry.


What an absolute legend. Best post so far.

Welcome to capitalism.


Today at 2:26 AM

Yes, much appreciated! It’s pretty cold these days, so the occasional flaming is actually quite heartwarming! I’d also like to reassure everyone that we all keep thinking about Age3 and that the silence is (unfortunately) just part of the process and the industry. Nobody’s forgotten about Age3!

Via the AoE3 Discord channel (after lots of drama!)

At the very least, the Devs are thinking about AoE3. They are aware of the silence (though I wish World’s Edge would address the quietness themselves).

I have to take from that small amount of text that we will get stuff (hoping on hotfixes/patches first), however we are so far down on the list, however detrimental that is for the playerbase and those potential customers who’ve tried the Trial Version. I’m glass half-full until we get a firm ‘bye bye, no more support’ message.


This. I would like to know the reasons for the delays. While I sometimes have disagreements on the topic of balance, I trust the devs care. So transparency from management would be great :eyes:

TILANUS ! Karenamai demands to speak to the manager !!! :laughing:


It’s obvious they do. It’s obvious cus when someone likes something will do things even if they don’t get money for it or from it.

Thats why from all the series aoe3 de devs have delivered lots of free content in patches, skins, models, mechanics, etc. When they could have either do as aoe1-2, delivering the minimum or just making payed dlcs.


Okay I think about Age 3 too. So what???

Is this the same witty dude who preaches we should not complain about the situation and not be toxic?

Dude just cannot resist always being the smartest kid in the class that he forgets what himself said hours ago.

I will accept it if you apologize to me. Deal?

As long as there are still people who think the current situation is fully justified because reasons, or believes the company is always right, or thinks complaining about it is attacking the “developers”, or just want others to shut up, it will change a lot of things.

Man, for your mental health I invite you to leave the forums for a while
You will feel better!

Stop following me around. Our conversation was over in some other thread and it’s done now. I know you’re still upset but you got to learn to let things go. You’re really out of pocket with this one, you’re starting to unravel.

I wonder how I could follow “someone who replied twice in a thread I created” around. Maybe I’ll need to spend hours deliberately looking for that dude in every single thread I created just to harass him.

Look, now here are two things you should apologize. I sincerely invite you to do so and I will kindly accept it. Does that sound good to you?

I complimented your post and replied to someone else. And instead of thanking me you’re asking for an apology. I’m still waiting on your apology from earlier!

I thought you thought the conversation is over. What are you doing here?

I think it’s not over but you think so. So you are banned from replying to me. Only I can reply to you. Goodbye.

Microsoft has probably directed the devs to start removing the actual game servers and then migrate everything to a pile of old Sony Walkman devices in some God-forsaken yurt in rural Tajikistan.

In the minds of the people who own the dev studio, those are the only devices both cheap and BASEMENT-QUALITY bad enough to be suitable for hosting this game.

Then they’ll probably “accidentally” move the devices to an active warzone in Africa to deliberately get them and all the game data destroyed by Kony 2023 or whatever the local strongman is calling himself.


Beyond based. Literally just summed up the conspiratorial mindset this community has about this specific game. Parasocial.

Dude loves this thread so much that he follows me around all the time. I’m moved to tears.

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Sure that’s obviously all the tremendous efforts required for messing up a patch and not fixing it for a month. I cannot imagine the arduous tasks they took to achieve it.

Of course they need to do faaaaaar more than just moving the project to low priority and repurposing the staff. That never happened.


Thinking positively, they can be changing the code to preventing this kind of problem in the future! that’s what I was thinking about the delay.

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