Im not buying this indian dlc

He gave a ■■■■ after millions of people died and refused to hear what the opposition had to say…

Either way, this is a pointless debate. Lets end this

Considering we were both singing to the same choir and tune yes.

Apart from Tibetans should be added, I disagree with pretty much everything else in the OP

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Nope from a real person’s account, the UK was to be blamed… They used scorched earth on Bengal to starve the Japanese… Basically they burned all the corps so that when Japanese enter India from Myanmar they would starve and bog down… But the Japanese never came to Bengal and got Halted in Myanmar… So all those damage was done for nothing

Here japan cant be blamed as they never entered India

I know Japanese were kinda brutal and what they did in Manchuria, But Britts were not better


Kinda brutal is an understatement. Please stop trying to downplay what made the Japanese empire so heinous by saying things like “kinda” it doesn’t make you look good.


Main reason Japan even invaded south Asia is the no Brits are to be blamed for everything happened to south Asia during ww2.

No this game is still better than League in some way. Those Tencent Riot is ruining the game and making their international tournament a cheapest joke.
But I agree with you on choice of civs.

Ok it was brutal , but nuking them was definitely more brutal

It was either nuke them or invade them. The Japanese were already starving.

All this, while they were commiting warcrimes in Indonesia, China, Korea, Philippines and Indochina. They sowed the wind. They reaped the whirlwind

I didn’t know tens of thousands of civilans of all ages from Hiroshima and Nagasaki were involved in those war crimes.

Can we stop discussing politics…

You can do that in off topic


I think it’s important that we remain clear on the fact that it’s not Microsoft that will be causing the effective banning of the Chinese playerbase, but the Chinese government.

And though it sucks for Chinese players, I strongly support MS to create a Tibetan civ if they feel there is an artistic need for it. MS is based in the US where freedom of speech is supposed to be a thing, and I’m tired of companies self-censoring themselves and their customers just to ensure that flow of doe from almighty China. For a country that constantly cries foul that "people are interfering in their domestic politics, they sure interfere in Western politics a lot.

So if Microsoft wants to create a Tibetan civ, they should. If the Chinese government then gets its knickers in a twist, that’s a problem that the Chinese people themselves should address (they said so).

(This comment isn’t just directed at yours, mostly the discussion from earlier in the thread)


Did you buy it? (20 characters)

Given how Hindustanis are available without the purchase, I don’t think he’ll be missing out on anything solid and worthy for ranked, by not buying this DLC anyway.

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I want a Tibet civ too, but I don’t think it’s worth losing all the chinese pros, not to mention all the other players…


Can we please stop necroing the post?


I understand your feelings, but it has never been quiet for long enough to be considered necroing imo.


The forums kinda facilitate bringing back old posts because when you go to make a new one with a similar title, they tell you there are other posts like that

I don’t see anything wrong in using old posts to keep the conversation if it’s the same topic

Well he has a point, Age of Empires 2 units didnt have spells (except monks), which is/was beauty and simplicity.
It didn’t mean micro was simple, because target fire, attack ground, converting units, pulling back weak units, patrolling halbs/champs in different order, etc, takes a lot of efford as well.

I don’t mind the addition of single player content.

In term of multiplayer I am unsure, because it’s hard for new people to play without knowing the civs, and they are getting more.
Even I don’t know the techs, and I play really a lot.
Adding spells to units might make things more complicated, (harder for slow players to micro, harder to guess fights).

But in first place:
Pls fix tg ladder with DLC #4 so that I can actually have GGs.
I would even buy your stuff then.

they should keep the base game simple and clean. there are mods out there for these purposes