I'm not looking to play ranked anymore

Until Mexico is heavily nerfed or totally redesigned, I don’t want to go back to competitive, I’m just going to play with friends.

I don’t know if that works for anything, but I’m already very tired, I needed to express my frustration to the developers.


The haciendas are better than an urban center and yet they are available from age 1.

My suggestions:

Must not be available at age 1.
At age 2 only with shipping. (In addition, an improvement must be enabled to generate resources and cows automatically).
At age 3 fully available.
The shovel card should only reduce its price by 20% and not by 40%.


The value of some cards needs to be toned down. Some are ridiculous.
Land grab should not decrese hacienda cost so much.
Reverting revolutions should be punished. Now it’s a reward, and even cost less than regular age-up with he card. The revolution cost reduction card should not affect returning to Mexico. There is no point of designing full revolution decks if it is simply a means to skip age 3. Especially when Central America sends enough villagers to make up for the eco loss, making it even faster than regular builds.

I also think they should nerf the hacienda boom (the one that spawns villagers) or change it to something else. Idk how people “would get up in arms” if old civs get a few gimmicks of new civs, but can accept new civs copy-pasting a lot of main playstyles of old civs.

Then it’s probably going to be fine.

Edit: now the booming part is quite overlooked because everyone is doing the no-brainer FI. #SwedishVibe


The fast industrial is just insane. No, I shouldn’t have to plan which age 2 units I’m going to use vs heavy cannon


A combination of: Farm + Estates + Livestock Pen+ Town Center+ Kamcha House + Community Plaza+ twice slots available (20 units instead of 10)

  • By no means it should cost just 600 wood (as it is the cost of a simple Estate).
  • And it should not be available at Discovery Age as an easy wagon.
  • And it under no circumstances it should have een available at Discovery Age along with 2 settlers in the place of the 3 vils card ever. Never!

Let’s just wait for the next balance patch. I’m sure the devs are aware of it and they will fix this issue as soon as they can.


I love this building, but I think these are late game perks.

Also, revolutions feel more like a shortcut than ‘all or nothing’.


Very well said, ladder is tedious yet again. Great news of a new civ is always followed up with the horrible news of glaring balance issues that put off anyone halfway decent at the game.

They should have been fixed within a few days at most.


Well put. Based on the return breakdown above it should have never happened in the first place. Alot of cards offer double the benifits any other civ gets at the same age.

It has to be intentional. No developer could have actually thought this was viable could they? Then again maybe somewhere there Is a dev laming mexico and enjoying every minute of it like donut boy.

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It’s ironic people were all in hysterics about USA being OP before it ever came out but Mexico is the one that is OP. Mexico of all places. lol.

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US only had a few trailers about their unique strengths. They did not tell anything about the slow start or even the terrible animation of sharpshooters/carbine cavalry. Just by looking at the stuff it got it looked op at the first glance.

Mexico however had a lot of preview gameplays so the OP-ness is quite obvious…so I cannot even see the argument “you also thought US was op but it was not” when defending the current state pf Mexico.

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Halciendas are probably designed to allow Mexican players to survive their own revolution.

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In search of the most strategically diverse civ yet, they’ve made a civ that is OP across the board. Felicidades!

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The point is to actually play the civ instead of calling things OP without even playing the civ. One of the biggest detractors of USA thinks Mexico is wonderful so go figure, though it is mightily apparent their opinion has nothing to do with the game itself.

I don’t care about multiplayer btw, but I am looking forward to a few nerfs to the civ.

The diversity of strategies is not the problem, it is the way to implement them.

Developers must consider the cost / benefit ratio of all options. The problem is that there are many options and it is quite difficult to reach a good balance.

When I saw a new civ preview I got excited.
Then “the most strategically diverse EVER” threw a wet blanket on my head
Then the strong musketeer threw another.
Then the combined-effect economic building threw another.
These are omens of something seriously broken. Rarely failed me since TAD.

BTW even with that design principle, “the most strategically diverse civ” should pay some additional price when switching strategies, not pay less, and definitely not get one single no-brainer move (who needs strategic diversity when you can FI with less cost and send >2000 resource units?)

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Which brings up the issue of the Church cards for European civs. Many of the free ones have a downside attached to them which as I can’t think off the top of my head other non Euro civs have. Only European civs are penalized for unique improvements.

As @ArrivedLeader22 has extensively talked about abut they need a rework.

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Mexico also has a church card and the first tech is a free one that gives +25%hp/damage for soldado but +40% training time.
BUT they already have a few free techs in the cathedral available at the start :upside_down_face:

As for church cards in general, I sometimes have the feeling that the European civs are balanced within themselves. And many of them do not need the free church tech to become viable (maybe only Dutch?), that’s why this hole still exists.
But I do not think “not improving something objectively worse just because it is not usually used” is a good design decision.

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