I'm quitting game because of tower rush

Hey I just made an account to say I’m quitting aoe4 because of the tower rush. Particularly chinese tower rush. I loved games such as company of heroes and age of empires 3, and I really wanted to like this game. So I tried for a couple hundred matches online. But when every other match vs someone like china they tower rush me so I cant gather resources to stop them it’s just too stupid and to frustrating to play against. China build super quick, so I dont have time to kill their workers. And I dont have time to put out a counter tower. But even if I put out a counter tower, it doesn’t matter because they can build quicker than I can kill them. Archers dont help quick enough either. They lose a few vils, but it’s nothing compared to completely denying my resources. So last game, I ended up not even being able to farm under my own tc. Because of the insane EIGHT (YES THAT’S 8) range on their towers.

So what I’ve gathered is people don’t really care this is completely ruining the game experience for new players like me. But I just wanted to get it out. I’m coming home from work, just want to get some real games in the limited time I have. I dont have time to watch 10 videos on how to counter every cheese(I’ve even watched some, but I cant make it work) But then I meet these parasites instead so I get a ■■■■■■ end to the evening. A completely unecessary part of aoe4 which could easily have been prevented is making my day worse every time I play it so I gotta stop. Bye


I really hope the game gets other games modes built into the quick match / skill based match-making, like FFA - something that is fun for casual players. Some people want to have rather fun matches than “climb the ladder”, and organizing custom games is not something I have time / capacity for.

No, you completely misunderstand. I do want to climb the ladder. I won’t get that high, but it’s fun. Or rather… It could have been fun. But things like these are what turns someone like me off. It’s so unwelcoming.

I don’t want to play ffa.

I mean, if there is a ranking in 1v1, it’s natural that some players will try every possible cheesy strategy to get a win. I think the only real solution for that is to add game modes optimized for causal play, where eventually different skilled people might have as much fun together.

If they remove towers from the game, the opponents will annoy you with something else in 1v1… Or what do you think would have kept you motivated to play?

Why would they need to remove towers? There’s a million different ways to avoid turning aoe4 into a reverse tower defence game. This is a 60USD game, not a phone game.
In aoe3 you have a zone around TC you can’t build close to. But it don’t need to be this strict. Have this zone for like the 6 first minutes for example. Or make towers build slower inside this zone. Or cost more. Or reduce the range on these towers in feudal. Seriously 8 range? Thats way too far in feudal.
Or make tower builders stop building when they get damaged unless close to their own TC. Or have towers deal 0.1x damage towards workers. At lest until castle.

I’ve friends that’s more invested in this game, and a brother. They also hate tower rush and usually lose to it. So it’s not even a beginner thing and their tips didn’t help me win.

Or remove china reduced build time. It’s pretty annoying just in general.

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If you like aoe 3 better come over and play aoe 3 de. I switched completely back to aoe 3 due to aoe 4 being rather dull, uninteresting and bad unit balance. Haven’t played a match in over a month


On other social networks it would be, “How can I stop the Chinese tower rush?” and here it is: “I’m leaving the game because I don’t know how to stop the Chinese tower rush”.

Cheeses exist in almost all RTS, either you learn to stop them or there are custom or team games that can satisfy you more. If you wanted to write in the forum to vent, fine, but the cheese is not something that should be changed.

No one left SC-2 because of the cannon rush. XD

they should do the barbican like the mongolian tc, but as they say they have nerfed it a lot I haven’t touched the subject

It’s more balanced in sc2

No one knows how to stop it. I’m watching pros lose to it too.

Of course it should be changed, and sc2 have had a lot of changes to what is possible and how beatable the cheeses are. In aoe3 cheeses are basically non existant. Of course cheese should be changed. Its a low effort free win, especially in lower levels. Do you think noobs are going to want to watch 10 videos to learn the specific way to stop this? It’s not good for the game that this frustrating ■■■■ is what people meet. This is not why we bought age of empires.
Custom games and team games are boring. I’m a competetive man in all I do whether I’m good or not. But I only like fair competition.

as always to every player that want to quit and post here about it, I recommend to refund or stop paying for gamepass

I wish I could. But it’s too late. Even more I wish they’d make the game enjoyable for people that have limited time to learn all the step by steps for solving every cheese. I like games where just general RTS knowledge, strategy and skills get’s you far and there’s no shortcut like this for others to take away my fun and enjoyment for their own gain.

You should just resign and go next when you see these kind of toxic people. You lose out on temporary points, but those are the kind of people that care about imaginary accomplishments. Does it really matter? You say you are competetive, so I imagine what you really care about is the feeling of actually getting better and better as you play. If you continue to play with an abuser you’re just giving them power.

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You said you are competitive player, yet refuse learning how to play the game, how to solve strategy that beaten you, such irony, how is this being competitive?

I’m coming home from work, just want to get some real games in the limited time I have.

Who doesn’t? Everyone having limited time for that, why not watch during weekday and play during weekend?

Sorry it is pretty bullcrap saying no time watching replay, no time watching guides and videos learning the game, play blindly, get beaten, whine and claiming the game is ■■■■.

Go grab a mobile game or play that toxic LOL like Hera. RTS takes time to learn and master.

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Tower rush is not a strategy. It’s a simple cheap tactic that requires no skill, but takes tons of skill to defend against. Why would anyone want to waste time on learning to defend vs a cheese like this when it wont make you good at RTS and the cheese may get nerfed and now your time is even more wasted?
Watch what? As I said, pros lose to this too, or at the very least get in a very disadvantageous position. Viper for instance have some games where he lose to way worse players because they tower rushed.

Grab a mobile game? Tower defence is making aoe4 look like a mobile game. Such a big game with such potential, then some loser ends the game building only towers. And watch his match history… this is what he does every game.

I didn’t see Viper whine like you due to Tower Rush, Beasty have several guide defending against this. If you scout properly it won’t be a big problem, if Tower Rush being a big deal you should see everyone getting into Diamond+ or 1600+ ELO very easily, which doesn’t exist here.

Pro lose to this

Hmm, so?
Pro lost to English Feudal aggression, Pro lost to French knight all in, Pro lost to Delhi/Rus MAA all-in, Pro lost to Mongol fast castle Lancer all in, Pro lost to Silver Tree boom, Pro lost to Rus boat spam, Pro lost to Wonder, Pro lost because they had a bad day.

If you are really competitve player then what you should do, is Tower Rushing someone else and see how you got beaten, and learn, instead of typing your own fantasy here. Come back here if you can Tower rush into Diamond 3 and prove your fantasy.


I tried this. Got beaten the very first time. And once in gold I where we both tower rushed each other. And once in gold II. I climbed from silver II to gold III in a weekend. Which was a very bad mistake because when I tried to play normal after I went on a, what feels like a, 10 losing streak. After this I vowed to never be a piece of ■■■■ like this again. It felt pretty bad “winning” this way. Didnt really feel like a win at all.

What is wrong with you? I’ve never claimed to be a top 0,05% player. But it shouldn’t be necessary to compare to that to talk about beating a cheese. By even thinking this way you’re only proving tower rush is a problem

EDIT: IF i scout it wont be a problem? WHAT? he can litterally build in my face with his chinese vils and I cant stop him. Ive tried sending 10 vils to stop it and he still finish in time no problem. Instead I end up losing more vils because of his turret further back.

Yes there have been many players complaining about the protoss cannon rush and there still are and of course they will have retired several years ago because of that frustration.

Even pros eat a rush cannon from time to time, that doesn’t mean it’s broken.

A cannon rush doesn’t require much skill either, but you’ll look bad if it’s parried properly, which also happens in AoE4.

Cheese is something very effective if it was left unspotted / unprepared, which is very effective against newbies, because they do not know how to defend this.

Which was a very bad mistake because when I tried to play normal after I went on a, what feels like a, 10 losing streak.

That’s mean you still belongs in Silver, and why you were punished by that 10 losing streak?

I was playing with my alt account, matching lower tier players messing around with the proxy barbieques, guess what I just stop them when their vills running out of their base or outmarco them because their resources management and build order was so unpolished.