Im speechless

So, with pre-orders now open as well as the gamescom footage, we now got some infos. Every interface conceirn seems to be adressed. (Though AI and Multiplayer options are still unconfirmed)
The game does release as only one edition, no pay 30 bucks extra to get the full experience or something. Same version for everyone.
And on top of that, the pricepoint is 20 Regional Credits.

That’s… how… why… where’s the room for complaints? I’m expecting to get ripped off here, okay?! And I don’t see it. If the next thing you’re doing is actually releasing a (multiplayer compatible) demo, I seriously need to check my medication, because I wouldn’t believe this is reality anymore.

On a more serious note, kudos for a more than fair release plan, it’s so rare these days.

Very refreshing to see a publisher doing something right in this day and age.
Microsoft, if you put any sort of microtransaction into any of the DEs or AoE4, I will find you, and I will not pay you.