Im tired of players that dont quit, fix it! ASAP

why i have to find the last villager?

please fix it.

its a ranked match

because of this i stop playing this game sotmetimes and i dont rank

To be fair, there is nothing to “fix”, if the other player is still alive, it can still play. What you can do tho in any ranked game is go to your tps and activate commercia victory, so if the player cant destroy your posts, you autowin


nah, thanks, its like he wants to run without legs. game should give automatic victory when only 5 vilagers and no tc is built on 1vs1
i need those 5 minutes o 10 it takes to do what u said , i could be playing another match, go to pee, brushing my teeth, and not finding these guys

What about if you did a base trade and have like 5 vills but 50k res stacked and a 150 pop army?

It’s simple and easy to just do trade monopoly and it’ll be over within 5 minutes anyway.


just make the computer detect that the army is bigger, then no instant victory.

Monopoly trade can be easily destroy with 2 petards. making wait for antoher 5 minutes

Not really, so where do you draw the line, what if it’s not that much bigger? If your opponents got 5k score and you’ve got 50k and you let them destroy a tp then that’s your fault you should have more than enough units to defend them.


You think with 1 vill they will destroy your tp? Just do it and go do something else for the 5 minutes.

5 settlers is still a lot and the game shouldnt be the one deciding if you have lost when you still have resources and units.


The game just get to detect if the player don’t move the mouse/use his keyboard for more than 10 min.

So if you are winning but your opponent is hiding his troops and you go off for 10 min, you lose? What if you play treaty 60 min, you build up your eco and now have some waiting time and decide to do something else for a few min?

Or what if the opponent just moves his mouse once in a while?


Change it to 20 minutes if you want… also, what an interesting game to no doing anything during 10-15 min…?? It’s ranked game, normally it’s should be faster and “better” played than with an AI or with friends, when you can take your time and make pauses…

And hiding his troops ? Just explore with lots of scouts…

There will always be problems anyways.

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You can report player for inactivity. Go to past played matches and it’s actually one of the options which can be chosen to be reported.

That is very difficult because he is supposed to be the in misery and you are pressing him with an overwhelming army. That is why the monopoly is made, to reward the one who controls the map. You can also divide your army into small groups and explore every corner of the map.


If you cant defend some TP maybe your enemy its not that defeated. You can take every TP, it needs to take down the half of them.

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