Imagine how OP if Turks had siege engineers

Imagine how OP it would be? Their Bombards would have plus 3 range combined with artillery. Artillery in itself would have to be nerfed to like only plus 1 range to bombard cannons. And they may have to receive siege engineers for free even perhaps.

There is no need for any of these changes, Artillery already works for Cannon Galleons and Bombard Towers, which SE does not.

Artillery is already the better version of SE.

I seen guy complaining in some other thread that the civ needs siege engineers.

They do not.
Turks are fine, they are just hard to play with, because of no Trash variety.
As Turks, you are heavily reliant on Gold units, but you also have a Gold gather bonus because of it.

You should really Scout Rush into Jans and Mangonels, and straight up win in the Castle Age, as Turks.

Plus Turks work great in heavy resources games. Michi. Turk Bombard Tower spam is deadly.

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Turks were worst civ in this game for so long.After last update finally +%15 acc Ejans and +1pa Lcav and bit iprovement on Cavarchers now they do arround overall.(%48.etc winrate)

you are not talking sense.Whats the meaning of spending 450 stone and 500 gold then ? Getting worse version of Siege Engineer which doesnt cost gold/stone and doesnt need castle. Its hard to get u seriously.

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Wzll they often were around or above this winrate in the past. With Voobly data (which is probs actually accurate cuz it had more time to be gathered) they were above civs such as Magyars and Persians.

It improves cannon galleons and bombard towers too. And +2 range isn’t strictly worse than +1 range and bonsu damage. Also Turks have three advantages for free already for their gunpowder.

didnt understand what u mean by that

i didnt say it is worse than that.
Firstly before replying anything please read what it was all about
Secondly get better English.

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They had a better winrate than those civs. Actually they were approximately in the middle of the list. Tells a lot about statistic fiability if you ask me 11


Just make it cheaper then. If that would make you happy. Siege Engineers combined with this tech would be broken.