Imam cant single convert units

I tried as abbasid with a great mass of imams to convert some units of an enemy player. In single player it is working fine. But on multiplayer you only get the converting sign over the units for maybe 2 seconds. Then the convertion failes and the cooldown starts. The imam didnt get attacked or interrupted with new orders and the enemy unit is still in close range (melee unit). So i think it is bugged. Right now the single convertion is just not working. Does it maybe has to do something that the imams are attack moving before they get the order to single convert? I dont know!

The way I single convert: I just click the hotkey and then left click the unit. In my understanding this should be the best way. Every imam will start their convertion and will not stop to try convert the next targeted unit, which should be instead targeted by a imam who is free for converting. Is that the wrong way? Cuz in Single Player it is working just fine that way.

It is a shame. It is an interesting tech but nobody is using it. Propably cuz it is not working or it is to hard to play or to understand. Please fix it and make it easy to control it. :frowning: At least please explain it in the tooltip.

ps.: love to see the new changes coming with the dlc. looking forward to play more games :+1: