Imperial Officer should be able to supervise the Clockwork Tower

China barely feels like a Gunpowder civilization anymore.

This was a really restrictive and unimaginative nerf. Clockwork units have been nerfed to high hell, in addition to them not being influenced by the Yuan Dynasty, it makes no sense for this restriction to continue.

The Military Academy technology that reduces production speed does not even influence the Clockwork tower, and so, China barely gets anything out of this Landmark as a result. It is time for them to revert this mindless change.


No… china late game is already unstoppable…last thing we need is clocktower imperial upgraded bombards/NoBs further ruining the game. IMO


It is literally their Landmark. Give them a new one if they can’t actively use it. Like what bro?

The landmark is used and currently is very vwry powerful. You may not have been around back when officials had 3x training buf AND could oversee landmarks… it was baddddddd.

I was, and that doesn’t matter because as I have stated above; the things that made it strong are long gone. You don’t have Bombards with nearly a thousand health, Siege units are much slower now, on top of Yuan dynasty not functioning on them, there is no springald meta nor can chinese siege snipe because of the Pyrotechnics nerf.

Remember, “back in the day”, you had to torch siege units down. That was primarily what made Siege awful to play against, but that too, is loooong gone.

And to make it all worse, Military Academy does not even work on it. So the Landmark works slower than a singular feudal workshop. I don’t think it is reasonable to deny China the ability to supervise it, as supervising is a key feature of the civilization, and this arbitrary restriction is no longer needed.

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I dont disagree some nerfs has occurred but china late is already waaa!aaaa!!y too strong. So a buff like you suggested would need a shit ton of nerfs accompanied to level it out.

Below are graphics of china win rates over game length. And overall ranking and a plat+

30+ minutes china heads towards being unstoppable. Your change would only make that late game STRONGER.

You are probably misinterpreting this post. I am not asking for a “buff”.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment that they may need adjusting. But, I would rather have nerfs that weaken the stats of units or increase their cost if it meant that China could better utilize something that is meant to be core to their civilization.

Again, this IS their Landmark. It should be part of the cog that makes them whole; if they are too strong without it, then that should not be the case.

I am arguing that they return to their flavourful roots where their kit is actually utilized. Would love to see the return of Pyrotechnics influencing all Gunpowder units as well, albeit at a higher cost with less range than before. As stated above; they are slowly feeling less and less like a Gunpowder civilization, wish I would like to return to at the cost of their efficiency.

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I think there are better ways to buff china and reinforce their theme as gunpowder civ that doesnt involve that.
With the supervision ability the clocktower was performing way better than all other 3 age3 landmarks.
I would rather them having a unique tech or something that makes their gunpowder siege or units train faster.

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I disagree that io should boost the clock tower as same reason I dislike the English white tower. U save the ressorces of a siege workshop and get siege 100% faster. Also as chinese the ### ### ######## than mangonels and your springalds are also stronger then your enemy ones. Also china have a good eco in the back. So this gives you a huge advantage in early castle and yes it’s very hard to stop China past castle. Of course it depends on player skill and how the game goes, but castle age is the last age u can stop China. If u boost their castle age… You know that I mean.

Edit: nest of bees are stronger. Don’t know why he censored this…