Imperial Official Bug

The impo, especially when carrying gold, sometimes unbinds itself instantly if you try to put him in the “supervise” state to collect taxes again.

Hey @Keempf! Is this in regards to a control group or something else?

As a Chinese civ player this has been bothering me, too. I don’t really have precise steps to reproduce but it’s fairly common that if you leave the auto-gather taxes enabled on the official (as it is by default), they’ll seemingly randomly stop supervising within a second or so of beginning the command and return their taxes instead.

Expected behavior should be that supervising a building always overrides the auto-return taxes AI.


This kind of error does exist and has happened several times. When an imperial official is loaded with gold and you order him to supervise the building, he will ignore the order, return the gold to the center of the town, and continue to collect taxes.

It shouldn’t be difficult to fix this problem, I hope this can be improved as soon as possible, this is really annoying.


A good suggestion is to turn off the automatic tax collection function of official when he need to supervise the building, so that official will not go to collect taxes when he need to supervise the building. I’ve tried it in the game. It’s no problem.