Implode Bug

Affected versions: Pre patch. There is no mention of a fix so I assume post patch too. Will verify tonight though.

Casting implode near a harpy breaks the implode. The implode sucks in the harpy forever until the god power gives up and disappears.

When the god power gives up it does not produce the shockwave and does no damage to nearby buildings.

Please fix the implode so that it is able to suck in the harpy.

Steps to produce (Easiest)

  • Place lots of harpies in the editor
  • Place some enemy units and buildings
  • Turn off victory conditions
  • Add trigger to grant implode and grant LOS
  • Cast implode on the buildings and units ensuring a harpy gets sucked in

Alternatively produce naturally by playing a map like Erebus containing them as a god that provides Implode or use ZENOS PARADOX cheat to obtain it.