Hello, I felt the need to open this topic today as I think that important developments for Age of Empires IV have been delayed too much. I think the development of the game has been slow enough and I wanted to share my views with you.

1- While the spectator mode is active, the holy side victory counter is still not added and we cannot see how much time is left until the holy side victory while watching the game.

2- It’s been months since the game was released, it gives a little taste with small updates, but now we have to move on to the bigger size of the cake, it’s time to add new civ and map diversity should be increased a little bit.

3- As tournaments and esports, Age of Empires and Microsoft should take this job more seriously and mobilize the community, at least a tournament like Age of Empires IV World Cup can be organized. (Redbull is fine in Wolulu, but I think Ageof should get involved more officially )

4- I am still skeptical about balancing in the game, especially in team games, Mangudai is a very difficult unit to give an answer against, and it can be produced very cheaply.

5- In the game, a balance should be made in Horseman, it is a cheap horse unit and it feels very effective in the game.

6- Scout Rush has become very popular, at least Scout’s damage to Icons can be balanced. In team games, it is difficult to understand what the opponent is doing because the map is large, and it is not possible to fortify some maps early. Only by pressing scout, the damage of scout to icons can be reduced against those who win.

7- After the rank changes, someone who played 100 games in silver and had a 50% win rate now went up to platinum and diamond with the points he earned in the silver elo. Even though I played 20 games and had a 60% win rate, I stayed at gold 3 level, I think it is not fair and at the end of the first season I believe it upsets the balance of the game.

8- And again, if we talk about ranked changes, there is a rating system that I have not seen in any game, the ranked intervals are very short. You go up one league in 1 match, for example: you must have 1015 points for platinum 1, this score is 1050 platinum for platinum two, 1090 diamonds for 3, 1130.

platinum for When you come between 1-2, your score is at least around 1025 and when you win a match, you go straight to the top league.

At least, these are the things that come to my mind right now, as I play the game and as I think of it, I will express some of my views on the game, stay in the good days…



Esports is not something that they can make happen. It happens if it happens. Look at heroes of the storm where blizzard tried hard to push esport and it wasn’t going anywhere.
If something first comes game and gameplay and esports happens if it happens. If it gets big enough then they can start pitching in but till then no point of trying to make them focus on esports.

How is it difficult? It costs 160 resources and archers cost 80 resources. Make archers and zone them out of your base. Its simple as that. Also balance cant be everywhere. Devs actually need to make decision between 1v1 or TG’s and if TG’s is chosen then which mode. In TG’s lancers /Knights are supreme unit and best in game but in 1v1 they’re not exactly in same position. So devs need to chose which mode is officially supported and focus on that. Its impossible to try make balance around everything. No one has done it and no one will because its not possible

You make 5 spears and scouts die. Simple as that


@Jeshwest Playing as platinum 1 have met with bronze 3, conqueror 1. Ranking system needs some changes as you said.

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