Important message for all + specially for devs

Almost everybody know me.

Yes its me XARDAScoh who was perma banned for exposing cheaters/drophackers + beeing rude to completely useless posters of this forum like mr. Islandsteve8

Now lets jump straight onto point which is AGAIN sadly pointed towards entire dev. team which is reponsible for keeping this game HEALTHY + ALIVE (priority n.1 for every game)

(,quick, note about me:)
I have played more games since day1 than 99,9% of community.
In all modes … From 1v1 ranked (where I was even C before elo system got completely ruined) and rn am C3 on all 3 accounts which I have for various reasons —> really long explanation and thats not a reason why I am here trying to say something) trough 2v2s (Where I partipicated in some tourneys) 3v3s and at last 4v4s (where I managed to be in top 10 in all of them before leaderboard got filled by over-boosted accounts by their smurf friends accounts —> again long story and not the point)

MOST IMPORTANTLY … I try to fight as I can (And I havent seen more active player who tries to do the same as me since DAY1 against worst behaviour we have among us … cheaters + drophackers … I have reported more than 50 people … analyzed more than 100 replays in which I did not even play but I thought there might be some problem —> U can recognize cheater / drophacker very fast by checking replay or by opening his playercard (NOT IN GAME) but on

And my very often repeated question towards only dev. member I know (again dont take this personally buddy but you are their speaker —> tell them … tell them we are feed up … Tell the people who are reponsible for this … and again that all this bad behaviour is the MAIN reason why most of the people left for good.

Here are some of my topics here on forum there u can get all the stuff together:


  2. Evidence how badly report system works

  3. Evidence how badly report system works PART2 / aka DESYNCH. DROPERS/CHEATERS

  4. Spit into face of all players

As u can see … all the reports I did via ALL POSSIBLE WAYS are older than HALF A YEAR … first of them are from November.

So am asking again … with annoucement of rankeds in teamgames since season 3

Are u going to do something? Or is this just going to be completely non-sense mode like you made from season 1 rankeds where every game-spammer is on a same rank as best RTS players we have out there …

I beg you … for a GOOD OF GAME ITSELF … for all the honest and fair community members.


Its absolutely ridiculous that TWO MOST REPORTED AND WELL-KNOWN cheaters are STILL ACTIVE and they are ruining others game experience

  1. BigBruhh – AoE4 World - aka mr. LITTLECUTES

  2. Commander Cao – AoE4 World - aka most famous Vietnamese player :slight_smile:

As I said before … its absolute shame … Not sure what do u want from this game to achieve when u cannot even solve BASIC issue which should always be n.1 priority

I UNDERSTAND that solving drophacking or map-reveal problem/cheating might be a problem.

But banning somebody where u literally have to spend like 5s by pushing a single button is a problem for A+++ company? …

Simply SHAME and nothing else

@SavageEmpire566 Tell them … thank you


Devs are not responsible for banning anyone. They develop the game. Bans are handled by customer support and usually more specific team that specializes doing it. Generally speaking now

While I do agree that there is issue of drophackers etc and I agree that microsoft should do something and be more transparent, but I do agree why you were banned.

Even if you’re 100% sure that someone is cheating its not your place to act as judge and reveal them on official forums / reddit etc. Doing this can end up causing useless witch hunt and other mob like behavior. I was once falsely banned in a game and by doing so I got removed from the guild I was part of and most of ppl I knew cut ties with me even tho I said I didn’t do it and was open about it.

After bans were reversed, everything was still lost and everytime I brought up it on forums / reddit ppl were “■■■■ off cheater”. So its your job to report it and leave it there or bring a post rising concerns on forums without causing mob like behavior from ppl and no name shaming etc.

That out of the way. Any ban isn’t just 5second push as you think. Person who does the investigation has to put themselves in position where they don’t know till its proven even if you sent videos/screenshots etc thats not a proof. For you it might be, but not for company. They need the evidence from their end and base the bans around it. Otherwise they might end up legally liable because every player, yes even cheaters have active contract with publisher which lets them access to game in question and to end that contract, publisher needs undeniable proof from their end that its happening otherwise there can be legal actions taken against them for wrongfully terminating this contract.

Now obviously situation is always tricky but in sense they need to do their own investigation and validate that someone is cheating or not. Are they doing it? I doubt. Otherwise we would see them advertising it / “i didnt cheat posts” here and there but I personally have never seen anyone claiming getting wrongfully banned or even banned in that matter.


I dont care who is reponsible … They want this game to be a succes in upcoming year? in upcoming 5 years? They should try to solve this problem instead of blaming others about who is reposnsible … if directly LeLic or Microsoft itself …

So its confirmed that there is not such a team in AoE IV case since NOBODY was banned yet. (Oh yeah I forgot because there is not a single cheater and game is completely fine)

Do u think that cheaters themself even care? Specially these two? Where Cao is probably some 12yo kid from Vietnam and Littlecutes is probably the same case? The dont give a ******

Its not only by me … Cao guy was on Reddit/Forum like 20x times … Back in the day when this forum was 10x times more active than it is now … Everybody knew him because he had his Match history opened all the time … so its was ABSOLUTELY clear that its him …

Not to mention his behaviour in game where he was exactly calling and counting form 10 when he is about to hack/desynch the game.

Isnt that enough of evidence? Literally hundreds of reports?

In Littlecutes case its obvious within 5s when u take a look into his replay and suddenly camera goes back and even by his camera movement u can clearly see his is looking into FoW … not to mention he exactly knows best spot for his first outpost before previous scouting? Kinda sus dont u think? :slight_smile:

Yes it is … IN THOSE TWO CASES IT LITERALLY IS 5 second push

Also ± 5 seconds of a replay or 5s long look into their playercard is more than enough

Yes they are not doing that … Otherwise there would be some solution after 6 months … Why it should take 6 months to do something what can be done in 5 mins with a little effort?

I dont know who is reponsible because nobody ever pointed it out even from devs.

All u could see were THEIR SCARED faces when all the twitch chat was spamming about de-synch problem back in the days. Its not the case in last few streams cause all the people stopped playing …

So yeah … we can agree on a fact that there is non-existing team behind banning cheaters/drophackers which is kinda sad for a game with such a great potential and name

@XARDASczech as mentioned before I am only able to speak in generalities due to forces from both sides. I can assure you the team is taking the situation seriously. Much of what we do isn’t overtly visible. Much of what we do only happens at patches/updates, so there will always be a delay if you’re arguing between them.

Please stick to the known ways of reporting to CS. If you feel your voice isn’t being heard, you can always DM me specifics and I will do what I can. We do have a team that handles this, but they are very busy and handling player bans for Age IV is not their only task.

I ask that you do remain civil in the forums. Frustration is certainly a valid emotion, but remember that many (most?) people enjoy gaming as a form of fun and relaxation. Coming into the forums to argue is not most people’s idea of a good time. I am not saying this to stop you from complaining—in fact, I prefer that you do complain. The only way the team can know to make a change or push harder for certain changes is from player feedback.

Thank you for some calm counterpointing @BdelloidBore5.


By Dev I dont think anyone or atleast in my perspective ,anyone is pointing to the guys who are writing the code. They dont design the game even. They will just be asked what to code and they will do their job.
As ‘Dev’ it is really on the product owner and designers mainly. Instead of using word ‘Dev’ I think better we should use ‘Relic’ for criticism.

Its not what potential cheater thinks. I can agree that most of time they don’t really care even tho there are ppl who get very emotional after getting banned.

But you have to put yourself into perspective of company and their liability. This is why criminals are not judged by ppl who are affected by actions of criminal and thats why its being said “innocent till proven guilty”. Now legal matters are completely different level from cheating in video games, but in sense they’re bit into that direction, because companies and their ToS needs to be par with laws in the region/country etc which means each time person purchases a game or signs in they sign up legal contract with publisher which tells what they get access to and to terminate the contract they need legal justification with undeniable evidence. Even if your evidence is undeniable in your eyes its not in eyes of company so they need to verify it from their end what ever the process is I don’t know.

Then the factor that cheating happens in many forms and each time there needs to be clear picture how to handle it. Some softwares are undetected by algorithms so there needs to be update on anticheats or what ever is used and even some cases where person goes through the logs that may contain thousands of lines different things will take lot of time and effort.

But essentially banning isn’t just simply pushing a button. What happens if there just happens to be a mistake because they were too hastily to listen someone online about someone cheating? Do you think the person who gets wrongfully banned is going to be happy about “we sowwy we made mistake”. They get pissed and they most likely going to quit or make media fiasco out of it which is also as bad as ppl complaining about cheating.

War against cheating is never something that any publisher can win and there is not a simple solution to solve it.

For you I can highly recommend stop caring. I don’t mean don’t report cheaters but report and move on. More you spent agonizing over it less you can do things in your life. Obviously making post and complaining about the issue is alright to do, but even then you need to keep names or your suspicions of players out of it.

It depends what we’re complaining. In this case it would be publisher because Relic is development team and not a publisher. It would be xbox game studios and it would be their job to handle customers and services. Devs like you said just do coding and some cases some designing depending on how things are handled

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I usually just drop vs anyone with too many numbers in their name to save time.

Works a treat.

I got list of players that I wish not to team with in 2v2. Generally it consist ppl who afk / potential drop hacks etc and I used to dodge queue everytime someone like that was in same match but can’t do it anymore because the stupid penalty. :confused: