Important topics list (with broken things that will never be fixed)

Does anyone got feel that the game is in good condition?

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yes it is , they only need time to cut the sharp edges.

Also , where is my topic XD? i was one the first of complaining about delhi , but that doeasnt matter.

And these arent the most important topics neither . delhi topics are really important though but nerfing fire lancers?? they are op yes but they dont have the most hp either.

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Put the topic here xD Fire lancer cost only 20gold, and he beat knight easily.

oh then yes they are op but i think a nerf for them isnt the first thing they need to fix

French are OP , BUT YOU NERF DELHI? - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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Haha that topic name makes me laugh :smiley:
I dont like one big problem in aoe4, they make something overpovered, and then, to make it more balanced, they nerf random civ :smiley:
Knight cost 100gold, you can count it early with tower or spear, same is britain just upgrade arrows. French is just rush civ so its ok for me. But fire lancer for 20 gold count knight and can easily destroy landmark? China doesnt have any negative bonuses, so its broken. This game need minimum 2 good patches. So, im unistalling.

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Stop troll forum like this pleas guys A good patch , finally! - #3 by Preesor

I wish there was a way to downvote your nonsense. It WAS a good patch. We SHOULD be celebrating. Are there other issues that need to be fixed? YES. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good patch.

Right now all devs should be doing is fixing bugs. Bugs bugs bugs. Do we need balance changes? YES. Do we want more features? YES. But before any of that they need to fix bugs so the features we HAVE work as intended.

One Exception: Delhi imp research time. That DOES need to be fixed. x15 might as well be considered a bug, cause right now Delhi basically have no imp techs.

The game is actually more broken than gta trilogy.

I think the bug fixes are their top priority. Balance is a secondary issue for them.

Right now some civs are not playable because they are underpowered, and this is a big problem.

Didn’t you get the memo? Springalds is fixed so the community switched to something else to scream and yell about. Shitting on fire lancers and pro scouts is the hype now.

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Totally agreed! I don’t understand all these balance demands. I feel like the game should be fixed (as in fixing bugs, not balancing) before we can even really test the balance of civs and units.

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Man, i dont enjoy the game when i must spamm mangonels to win, or choose overpovered civ. I was steal all gold from map, making military from it, but noob with no gold just spamm mangonels and i die. I know i cant do it too, but its no fun for me. I unistalled game after reaching level 35, cuz i see so many bugs in game and i cant just go over it, its so many so im playing aoe2 now.
This game is not strategy anymore.
Siege is too overpovered and no repack time or moving speed nerf here. I was found cca 60 bugs/unbalanced things, its worse than Gta trilogy

Are we there already? Celebrating the fact, that a fix for things, that are broken in a sold product, that didn’t break more things?

Even if this makes me hater, I’m out. I also won’t be thankful, when they finally fix all the obvious bugs in the game. At most glad, that the game I paid for is finally working as intended and don’t requires me to do workarounds.

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yeah lol

20 characters…

ohhhh this is soooo wrong LOL , man in the first i did AGREE WITH YOU but this is messed up. GTA TRILOGY actually had bad graphics (and its a remaster) + A LOT OF GAME BREAKING BUGS + bad optimization , it was discovered to be a port of mobile gta made by groove street studios ported to PC.

this META and strategy ofc. You can made trash units like pike man or springalds to defend against mangonels , is just that you dont know how to defend it , not the game problem.

I just said its not fun me, when i must spamm mangonel every game.
Mangonel is universal (overpovered) unit here, cuz it killing armored and walls easily, its fast and without repack time. I was tried game, where i was not using siege, only springalds. And the game was of corse fail, even i got best score, best military, best eco, i stealed all gold from map, so oponnent must trade with others.
This game got lots of bugs, unbalanced mechanics, it need more time, this is why i unistalled this and enjoying aoe2, i saw many players leaved too. If you dont see it you dont have enough hours.

And about optimization, locked max zoom level doesnt mean good optimization. The game looks horrible in low details, and you cant unzoom it more, because “optimization”

No it’s not please stop with this nonsense.

i was talking about gta , not aoe lol

you wrote that it has worse optimization than aoe4, in gta trilogy you can just force directx12 or lower car reflection fot much better fps and is definitively more playable after patches than this.

This is BY DESING and its called the low spec mode , wich bring a lot of fps and less clutter but it looks bad.

And barely its on 60 fps lol . Hey just dont lie ok? You can play gta trilogy and at every 5 minutes you notice like 10 visuals bugs and im not even kiding , just search in yt.

In fact aoe4 doesnt get its optimization by the zoom level neither , this was confirmed in the closed beta using a tool in game that let you zoom out whatever you did want , the current zoom level is fine for 4k users , not as good for 1080p users though but its playable .

The optimization has nothing to do with the zoom level .