Impossible to play

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  • Build: 101.101. 37906.05105673
  • Platform: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux
  • Gamertag:

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

:question: The game is impossible to play now. Most of the times, half way in a TG lobby, the match making fails. If we get through that, then someone times out and loading screen doesnt come. If finally after all this waiting, if it gets through that and games starts, then someone freezes in the middle and the game is pretty much gg.

Have never seen a more unstable version of AoE 2 before.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Just play TG with matching making and all the above issues will appear frequently.

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It is impossible to play the game if you enjoy Teamgame.
It started with someone freezing or dropping every 4-5 games but now it affects every single game.

Either the game doesn’t even start or atleast one person freezes.

If this is not resolved asap, me and a lot of others will stop trying to play.

All my friends already stopped, because right now the state of TG’s is worse than anything I have encountered in an onlinegame before.


It’s impossible to play any Ranked teamgames anymore. Either the countdown will go to 0 and then the text “unable to join match” appears or I get into the game and within the first few minutes of the match it freezes. This is so frustrating and I cannot longer accept that this is what will happen everytime there is a new patch. It’s not that long ago that ranked team game queue was completely broken. This is very close to it. I’m going to uninstall this game now to save me from further frustration. Maybe I will check again in a couple of months.
This is not a beta or an alpha. You’ve published an unfinished and broken product and sold it for actual money. I can’t find any words to describe this audacity any longer. This should not happen and is a shame for Microsoft.

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And thats the problem. They migth want us to stop playing the game, because there is no more money earned with active players. We only pay for the game once, but want service from the servers all time. Therefore they earn much more money from the guy who buys the game and stops playing the game after 20 hours, than they earn from an active player with a lot of hours, who paid the same price. So I start to think that the constant lags/disconnects etc are intended features of the game…

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