Improve multiplayer UI

Can we PLEASE have a better UI for multiplayer? It’s very frustrating having to select non-password, supremacy, server region and all that in order to not have to scroll through all the games available and the game not remembering these settings. Also please add a button to hide full games. The original AoE 3 felt way smoother than the current UI so how on earth do you worsen it in a remake 16 years later?


Very true I would like this to change. When it first came out the ranking system for AOE 3 de seemed ok as they were more people playing. Now I hardly bothered trying to find a game cause why wait 5-10 minutes to find a ranked game when you can play almost instantly on the casual lobby.
The system with the original age 3 was very good with rank and win percentage. It basically set you up to play with people your lvl by saying liteuent and up can play and the noobs having their matches and gaining experience.
It’s a lot worse now where I can not understand their ranks and sometimes their ranks or win percentages don’t come up.
How can a game that came out in 2005 or whatever have a more effective system.


SOMETIMES !? thats an understatement, its many many times atleast 1 player in each lobby or more than one at times. A little lesser in ranked though.


We need a proper friend list. There is no point into hidden who is connected if we could do it by trying to invite one by one of the list